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Decentralized finance (DeFi) has seen phenomenal growth in just a few years. The rise of the automated market maker (AMM) model has enabled DeFi to thrive. However, this has come at a cost. The congestion of Ethereum has caused gas fees to soar, causing many projects to look elsewhere for launching a blockchain project. Polygon, or the Matic Network as it was formerly known, is one of many layer-2 scaling solutions helping to scale the world’s most programmable blockchain. Created to expedite the process of building decentralized applications (dApps) and getting them to market, Polygon is host to several new blockchain projects, including QuickSwap. Powered by the QuickSwap token (QUICK), and the Dragon’s Quick token (dQUICK), QuickSwap works much like popular AMM Uniswap. However, there are some key differences. If you're wondering, “what is QuickSwap?” and, “what is the QUICK token used for?”, then you’re about to find out!

Now that the dust has finally started to settle following the Coinbase IPO, it’s high time to go over it. Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, a seasoned investor, completely new to the stock market, or coming from WallStreetBets, we’ll make sense of the 2021 Coinbase IPO for you! Read on for the ultimate guide to one of the most talked-about stock listings of 2021!

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