Intermediate Blockchain Developer

Take your blockchain programming skills to the next level with this track. After this track, you will be comfortable developing real life applications on Ethereum and EOS. 
  • Truffle Development
  • Ethereum Oracles
  • Unit Testing
  • Ethereum Attacks & Hacks
  • Hyperinflation Bugs
  • Blockchain Developer Mindset & Routines
  • Security Best Practices
  • Secure Contract Design
  • Upgradeable Contracts
  • Proxy Contracts
  • Pausable Contracts
  • Advances EOS Programming 
  • EOS Payable Functions
  • EOS Dapps
  • ScatterJS


These are the courses you will be taking in this track. Once you are finished you can move on to any of our other tracks.

Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201

This is our advanced solidity course and a follow-up to our Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 course. This course will take you deeper into the Ethereum ecosystem and you'll learn about Truffle, Unit Testing, Dapps and Oracles.

Ethereum Smart Contract Security

In this course we will go through and explain many famous smart contract hacks. We will also cover the Software Design Principles you need to know, new Risk Management Principles, new Governing Principles, how to build Upgradeable Contracts and much much more.

EOS Programming 201

In this course we will cover the more advanced features of EOS and EOS Smart Contracts. The goal after this course is for you to feel no restrictions in terms of what you can build. Only your imagination will be your limit after you are done. This includes building things like contract to contract interaction, payable functions and EOS Dapps. 


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