Cryptography & Privacy Coins

Bitcoin, Monero, ZCash, Dash, Tari, Dandelion, Mimblewimble, Beam, Verge, Aztec, Incognito and more

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This is the only course you need to take if you want to understand the cryptography used in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You will also get a full understanding of privacy coins and protocols like Monero, ZCash, Dash, Tari, Dandelion, Mimblewimble, Beam, Verge, Aztec and Incognito.

The sheer size and depth of this course cannot be described in this short summary - you simply have to enroll and see for yourself.


This course consists of approximately 10 hours of video content, assignments, exams and certification. Check out the detailed curriculum below.


  • Welcome
  • Course Roadmap
  • Keys for Success

Bitcoin Privacy Foundations

  • Intro to Bitcoin Privacy Foundations
  • Bitcoin Basics
  • Bitcoin Explorer
  • Bitcoin Whitepaper on Privacy
  • KYC Laws
  • Linking UTXOs
  • BitLaundry
  • Anonymity Set and Trust
  • ECDSA Basics
  • Deterministic Wallets
  • Dusting Attacks
  • HD Wallets
  • CoinJoin
  • DASH
  • Wasabi and Samourai Wallets
  • Chainalysis
  • Quiz: Blockchain privacy foundations

From CryptoNote to Monero

  • The CryptoNote Ecosystem
  • Stealth Addresses
  • Ring Signatures
  • Cryptonote Anonymity Set
  • Monero Announcement
  • The CryptoNote/Bytecoin Scam
  • Pedersen Commitments
  • Confidential Transactions
  • RingCT
  • The Monero Explorer
  • Bulletproofs
  • CoinHive
  • Monero History
  • Dandelion
  • Tari
  • Monero CCS
  • Quiz: From CryptoNote to Monero

From Zerocoin to Zcash

  • Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Zerocoin
  • Zcoin
  • Zerocoin Protocol Flaws
  • Zcoin Explorer
  • Zerocash
  • Zcash Genesis Ceremony
  • Zcash Sapling 
  • Zcash Gemini
  • Zcash Funding
  • Zcoin Comparison
  • The Zcash Explorer
  • Zcash and Monero Comparison
  • Quiz: From Zerocoin to Zcash

Best of the Rest 

  • Tale of Two Coins
  • MimbleWimble 1 OWAS
  • MimbleWimble 2 Excess Values
  • MimbleWimble 3 Cut Through
  • Mimblewimble 4
  • Grin Transactions
  • Beam Unique Features
  • Breaking Mimblewimble
  • Breaking Beam
  • Verge
  • Aztec
  • Incognito
  • Quiz: Best of the Rest




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