Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201

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This course is our advanced solidity course. It's perfect for anyone that wants to develop a career as a smart contract developer and need deep knowledge about building smart contracts and dapps on Ethereum. This course will cover how to develop smart contracts using Truffle. It will teach you how to use truffle to build, test and deploy your smart contracts using the latest industry standards. We will also cover how you build dapps, decentralized application and you can use oracles to bring external data into your smart contract.


  • Welcome
  • Prerequisites
  • Disclaimer

Truffle Introduction

  • Setup Environment
  • Hello World
  • Deploying our First Contract
  • Setter Function
  • Payable Functions
  • Error Handling

Introduction to Unit Testing

  • Introduction to Unit Testing
  • Building our first Test - Part 1
  • Building our first Test - Part 2

Unit Testing

  • Importing the People Contract
  • Testing for Errors
  • Creating Multiple Tests
  • Owner Test Assignment
  • Owner Test Assignment Solution
  • Truffle Instances
  • Value Assignment
  • Value Assignment Solution

Dapp Intro

  • Template Walkthrough
  • Project Setup
  • Creating a Contract Instance
  • Setting Data
  • Getting Data & Displaying It

Programming Project - Phase 1

  • Project Introduction
  • Project Description
  • Pseudo Randomness
  • Hand In

Programming Project - Phase 2

  • Oracle Intro
  • How Oracles Work
  • Oracle Code
  • Testnet Truffle Setup
  • Using Provable in Truffle
  • Some Advice
  • Are you stuck and need help getting started?
  • Hand In

Congratulations & Next Step

  • Congratulations & Next Step

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