Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101

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After taking this course you'll be able to build and deploy your own Ethereum Smart Contracts. You will understand the whole dapp development process and be an independent dapp programmer. This course will get you up to speed quickly and you'll be able to deploy your first smart contracts after a few lectures. Let's program money!

Your Instructor

Filip has a background in Computer Science within the Swedish Banking sector and was an early adopter of Bitcoin. He is the "other half" behind Ivan on Tech Academy and a true programming mastermind.

Previously, he was the CEO of Stockholm Blockchain Group and has worked as a Blockchain Consultant with clients from all over the world. During his free time he enjoys reading non-fiction books and long walks.


This course consists of approximately 20 hours of video content, assignments, exams and certification. Check out the detailed curriculum below.


  • Welcome
  • Prerequisites & Course Update Information
  • About Your Instructor
  • Course Outline
  • Disclaimer


Solidity Basics

  • Remix Introduction
  • Contract Structure
  • Types & Variables
  • Variables & Scope
  • Constructors
  • View & Pure
  • Control Flow
  • Loops
  • Setter Functions
  • Arrays
  • Structs
  • Mappings
  • Visibility
  • Implementing Visibility
  • Gas


Solidity Error Handling

  • Require - Theory
  • Assert & Invariants - Theory
  • Require
  • Assert
  • Modifiers


Additional Solidity Concepts

  • Data Location
  • Data Location Assignment
  • Data Location Assignment Solution
  • Events


Payable Functions

  • Payable Functions
  • Transfer


Inheritance & External Contracts

  • Inheritance Reading Assignment
  • Inheritance
  • Inheritance Assignment
  • Inheritance Assignment Solution
  • Internal Visibility
  • External Contracts
  • Value calls


Project - Multisig Wallet

  • Project Introduction
  • Project Assistance
  • Full Project Code
  • Double Mappings Explanation



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