Defi 101

Become an expert in Decentralized Finance - the fastest growing industry in crypto.


Why you should enroll

This course will give you the fundamental knowledge needed to dive deeper into the wonderful world of Decentralized Finance. Together we will build your knowledge and lay the foundation to build your Digital Financial Stack. After following this DeFi 101 course you will understand the fundamental building blocks of DeFi and how to Interact, fundamentally understand and verify DeFi protocols and the financial revolution that is unfolding before our eyes.


This course consists of approximately 10 hours of video content, assignments, exams and certification. Check out the detailed curriculum below.

DeFi Tooling

  • What are DApps
  • How can we explore the Blockchain
  • Install MetaMask
  • Assignment: Working with the blockchain


What is DeFi

  • DeFi vs CeFi
  • Origin and Future of DeFi
  • Financial risk in DeFi
  • DeFi is financial lego - Maker DAO, Compound, Zerion, Totle
  • Discussion: DeFi Ecosystem

The DeFi Digital Finance Stack

  • Decentralized Exchanges - Radarrelay, Loopring, DyDx, Uniswap, Kyber Network
  • Decentralized Stablecoins - DAI, USDT, USDC
  • Decentralized Money Markets - Compound, CDPs, Maker DAO, Oasis
  • Decentralized Synthetics - UMA, Synthetix, Maker DAO
  • Decentralized Insurance - Nexus Mutual, Opyn, Convexity
  • Discussion: DeFi Digital Finance Stack

DeFi Protocol Deep Dive

  • Maker DAO
  • Compound
  • Assignment: Using the DAI Savings Rate

Next Step

  • Assignment: Keep Learning
  • BONUS: Open DeFi Discussion - Singapore ex Goldman Sachs Banker


Your instructor

Amadeo Brands is a Maker DAO Ambassador. He has a background in Computer Science & Economics and is an early crypto investor, who worked for the first crypto hedge fund in The Netherlands. To date, Amadeo is a Fundamental Analyst and Token Engineer with a passion for Decentralized Finance #DeFi while working as the CTO of EOI Digital. Besides his busy schedule he also runs the non-profit foundation BlockDevs Asia, where he educates about blockchain development and token economics in emerging economies such as the Philippines.


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