Blockchain Business Masterclass

How should your organization adopt blockchain to dominate the market? Find out how big corporation use blockchain today


Why you should enroll

This course is for everyone who is interested in being part of a blockchain business. You will get a deep understanding of how traditional centralized IT infrastructure works and how decentralized aspects can be introduced and integrated into an existing IT solution.

You will learn all about project management, sales, economy, budget, testing, quality assurance (QA) and much more.

All this knowledge will make you capable to lead a team of developers and be in charge of a blockchain project, whether it is your own company or whether you are part of a larger organization.


This course consists of approximately 10 hours of video content, assignments, exams and certification. Check out the detailed curriculum below.


  • Welcome by Ivan on Tech
  • Course Contents Explained
  • ToshiTimes Forum - Important
  • How to reach us?

Business, Disruption & Size 

  • Important of Blockchain in Business
  • Business Disruption - The Big 4 Example
  • Business Blockchain Spending - Size of Market
  • Blockchain Jobs  Stats -  Top Talent

Human Computer Interaction & Prototyping

  • Humans & Software - An Intro to HCI
  • Software Development Process
  • Wireframes - Creating quick designs
  • Building a Clickable Prototype
  • Quiz: Human Computer Interaction

Centralized IT Infrastructure

  • Introduction to IT Infrastructure
  • Reading Assignment: Backend vs Frontend
  • Backend vs Frontend
  • Reading Assignment: What is an API?
  • Reading Assignment: Backend Technologies
  • Backend Technologies
  • Quiz: Backend & Frontend
  • Databases & CRUD
  • Introduction to Databases - SQL, NoSQL, Graph Databases, Blockchain
  • Reading Assignment: SQL & Relational Databases
  • Frontend, Backend, Databases (Standford Bonus Lecture)
  • SQL Databases - Table, Row, Column
  • Reading Assignment: SQL Relationships
  • SQL Databases - Relationships
  • SQL Databases - Practical
  • SQL Databases - Strengths and Limitations
  • Reading Assignment: NoSQL Introduction
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Reading Assignment: Graph Databases
  • Graph Databases
  • Combining different Types of Databases
  • Quiz: Databases
  • Other backend responsibilities
  • Frontend Technologies - Introduction
  • Web Technologies
  • iOS Technologies
  • Android Technologies
  • Desktop Technologies

Problems with Centralized IT Infrastructure 

  • Introduction (Twitter shadow Ban Example)
  • Integrity and Transparency (Accounting and Cyber Security Example)
  • Read Write vs CRUD
  • Control

Decentralized Technology

  • Introduction to Decentralized 
  • Blockchain Recap
  • Quiz: Blockchain Recap
  • Permissionless vs. Permissioned Blockchains
  • Reading Assignment: Permissionless vs. Permissioned
  • Why not use Ethereum or EOS?

What is Hyperledger?

  • Hyperledger Intro
  • Reading Assignment: Hyperledger Intro
  • Hyperledger Components
  • Quiz: Hyperledger Components 
  • Reading Assignment: Digital Certificates
  • Hyperledger Membership & Identity
  • Quiz: Hyperledger Membership & Identity
  • Hyperledger Peers
  • Quiz: Hyperledger Peers
  • Channels & Confidentiality
  • Quiz: Channels & Confidentiality
  • Blockchain & World State
  • Quiz: Blockchain & World State

Hyperledger in Business

  • Introduction
  • General Principles
  • Reading Assignment: Blockchain Decision Tree
  • Hyperledger in Supply Chain
  • Reading Assignments: Blockchain Decision Tree
  • Hyperledger in Supply Chain
  • Reading Assignments: Supply Chain
  • Hyperledger in Insurance
  • Reading Assignments: Blockchain in Insurance
  • Hyperledger  identity Management
  • Exercise - Build Your Own Business Blockchain
  • My Solution

Hyperledger Implementation

  • Composer Intro
  • Reading Assignments: Hyperledger Composer Basics
  • Composer Platform Overview
  • Tweaking The Network
  • Building your Own Network Part 1 - Creating Models 
  • Building your Own Network Part 2 - Editing the Script
  • Building your Own Network Part 3 - Finishing and Testing

Hyperledger Interaction & Intergration

  • Introduction
  • APIs - Different Ways to interact
  • Application Architecture Examples
  • Quiz: Hyperledger Interaction

Project Manegment + Proect Development

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • People Skills
  • Agile
  • Agile Practical Tools (JIRA , Trello, Jenkins)
  • SRS - System Requirement Specification
  • SDD - System Design Document
  • Open Source Introduction
  • Open Source Business + Management (Microsoft Example)

Testing & QA

  • Why do we do software testing?
  • Reading Assignment: Unit Testing 
  • Unit Testing - Bitcoin Example
  • Reading Assignment: Integration Testing 
  • Integration Testing
  • Continuos Integration (CI)


  • Overview
  • Why Sales?
  • Getting the Sales Lead
  • Sales Funnel
  • Internal Sales

Economy & Budget

  • Intro
  • Gas - Price of Running on Ethereum
  • Reading Assignment: Gas
  • EOS Resources
  • Reading Assignment: EOS RAM Allocation
  • Budget

Congratulations & Thank you!

  • Thank You!


Your instructor

Ivan runs Ivan on Tech - one of the most successful and trusted blockchain channels on Youtube and is also an international blockchain speaker and educator. Millions of people all around the world have listened, learned and been inspired by Ivan. Now he has created a course for his followers and subscribers, so that they can get the same knowledge as the big corporations.



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