Ethereum Game Programming

Learn to program games on Ethereum using Solidity and Javascript.


Why you should enroll

The decentralized gaming industry is growing fast. In September 2018 the industry had 140k players and generated $17M in volume. With benefits for both companies and players, tokenized games and assets are making it’s way into everyday gaming. This course is for everyone who wants to be a part of this new and exciting industry.

You will learn how to build your own decentralized game on Ethereum and working with the latest NFT standards for games and collectibles.

The knowledge you will acquire here can be used to launch your own game or can enable you to work within the incredibly fast-growing gaming industry in blockchain.



This course consists of approximately 10 hours of video content, assignments, exams and certification. Check out the detailed curriculum below.


  • Welcome by Ivan on Tech - This is What you will learn to build
  • Course Contents Explained
  • Why we have reading Assignments
  • ToshiTimes Forum - Important
  • How to reach us?
  • prerequisites

Game Development Introduction

  • Introduction - Part of a game
  • Reading Assignment: Game Loop
  • Game loop
  • Reading Assignments: Images & Sprites
  • Images & Sprites
  • Physics
  • Physics & Collisions - Guest Lecture
  • Reading Assignment: Libraries
  • Libraries ( Phaser Game Library)

Creating a Simple Game = (Javascript and HTML Recap + Phaser Introduction)

  • INTRODUCTION: What are We Building?
  • Creating an Empty Webpage
  • Important Phaser
  • Downloading Assets
  • Game & Game Loop Setup In Javascript
  • Loading Assets and Running a Local Server
  • Mac Local Server Setup
  • Drawing The Knight
  • Adding Physics
  • Adding Crates - Physics Static Group
  • Fixing the Knight Collision Box
  • Adding Keyboard Inputs
  • Drawing Sky and More Crates
  • Animation the Knight
  • Adding Coins
  • Adding Text & Timer
  • Conclusion & Next Steps Ethereum

Ethereum introduction

  • Introduction & Overview
  • prerequisites

Creating our Token

  • Setting up the Environment
  • Creating the Token
  • Deploying our Token
  • Reading Assignment: Truffle Console
  • Interacting with Token
  • Reading Assignment:Truffle Migration

Integrating ERC20 Token With the Game

  • Configuring Web3.js
  • Redeploying & Configuring our Contact
  • Editing Index File and Playing the Game

Deploying Game to the Testnet

  • Introduction
  • Configuring Metamask & Creating Account
  • Getting our infura Key
  • Configuring Truffel
  • Deploying Token to the Testnet
  • Editing the Game Connection
  • Playing the Game With - Metamask
  • Exercise: Grab Adress From Metamask
  • Exercise Solution
  • Reading ASSignment: what is Infura

Introduction to Non Fungible Tokens

  • ERC721 - What's it for?
  • ERC1155 - What's it for?
  • ERC721 - A look at the Code
  • ERC1155 - A look at Code
  • Quiz: Token Standards 

Building our ERC1155 Token

  • Overview & architecture
  • Setting up the Environment
  • Creating the Token Contract
  • Creating the Marketplace Part 1 - Core Functionality
  • Creating the Marketplace Part 2 - Purchasing Functionality
  • Creating the Marketplace Part 3 - Making the Contract 1155 Compatible
  • What Items Are we Building?

Building Migrations for 1155

  • Building Migrations Part 1 - Token Migration
  • Building Migrations Part 2 - Marketplace  Migration
  • Assignment:Synchronous VS Asynchronous code
  • Building Migrations Part 3 - Minting Tokens
  • Building Migrations Part 4 - Deploying & Testing

Adding ERC1155 Token to Game

  • Introduction
  • Deploying our token To Ropsten
  • Switching out our Old Contract
  • Replacing The Old Coin Function
  • Adding Purchase Buttons to the HTML
  • Testing TheToken Purshase
  • Checking the Players' Tokens
  • Resolving all our Promises
  • Testing our Game

Making ERC1155 items Affect the Game

  • Setting up Variables
  • Fixing Load Timing Issue
  • Connecting Variables to Ethereum

The business Case for Decentralized Gaming

  • Introduction
  • Why Should Customers Care?
  • Why Should Businesses Care?
  • DGaming Market Statistics


  • Final Code
  • You finished the Course - Great job!


Your instructor


Ivan runs Ivan on Tech - one of the most successful and trusted blockchain channels on Youtube and is also an international blockchain speaker and educator. Millions of people all around the world have listened, learned and been inspired by Ivan. Now he has created a course for his followers and subscribers, so that they can get the same knowledge as the big corporations.


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