ChainLink 101

The ultimate introduction to Blockchain Oracles and Chainlink.

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The Chainlink 101 course is an advanced solidity course using oracles and external data. You will learn to use the same tools that blockchain giants like Synthetix, Aave, and Curve use and how they implement Chainlink. This is perfect for anyone who wants their smart contracts to have unlimited customization and work with external data through blockchain oracles. During the course, you will build from scratch a decentralized lottery using Ethereum and Chainlink. The course will teach you concepts like working with decentralized data, understanding how oracles work, making API calls using Chainlink, and testing using mocks with the latest industry standards. 

Welcome To Oracles

  • Welcome To Oracles
  • Oracles Explained
  • Fund
  • Disclaimer
  • Price Feeds
  • Random Number Generator
  • Access Any API
  • Truffle
  • Testing

Chainlink Advanced

  • Introduction
  • Chainlink Local
  • Chainlink Job
  • External Adapter

Programming Lottery On Ethereum

  • Lottery Project Introduction
  • Let's Start Building The Lottery!
  • Lottery Contract
  • Lottery State
  • Start Lottery
  • Adding Chainlink - Verifiable Random Function
  • Fulfill-Randomness
  • Emit-Event
  • Recentwinner
  • Migrations
  • Important Note
  • Testing Setup
  • First Test
  • Resting Price Feeds
  • Final Test
  • Congratulations!


Your Instructor

Patrick is a Chainlink Developer Advocate & Software Engineer, and the Founder and CEO of Alpha Chain, working with blockchain and data infrastructure services. He has previously worked for asset management firm Man Numeric as a software and support engineer. Patrick is well-versed in educating smart contract engineers, an avid open source contributor, and is passionate about helping developers succeed.


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