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Join other companies that are using Ivan On Tech to stay ahead in the blockchain industry. Annual plans starting at $264 per seat for minimum five team members.

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Understand Blockchain Technology

Learn everything you need to know about blockchain. From the basic fundamentals to the more advanced concepts to get your team ready for the blockchain revolution. Programs that match your businesses needs and use cases.

Blockchain Programs for your Industry 

Industry specific programs for both public and private blockchains. Depending on your business and employees needs, we have personalised plans tailor made for the every individual to successfully navigate the blockchain revolution and disruption.

World Class Blockchain  Mentors

World class blockchain experts as mentors that share best practices for your team and business. We focus on your unique business needs to make sure that you get the most out of the Academy. Your success is our mentors top priority.

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Digital Educator of The Year - Consid Awards 2019

"Ivan on Tech has, in new and innovative ways, taken digital education to new highs. This innovation and tech expert is now educating thousands of people through one of the largest platforms in the world."

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