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Baseline - What is the Baseline Protocol?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Oct 06, 2020

What do organizations like EY, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, AMD, Duke University, and many others have in common with revolutionizing business processes? The short answer is Baseline Protocol, a set of techniques allowing companies to leverage blockchain technology in revamping their business processes. Let’s dive in!  

A long list of global enterprises is currently looking to adopt blockchain technology. Nevertheless, this can be hard to do efficiently, seeing as companies often rely on established business processes and existing solutions. Now, Baseline Protocol looks to solve both this and the lack of interoperability between business process systems in one fell swoop. So, why is this important?

Not only can enterprises struggle with coordinating their own internal business process systems, organizing cooperation, and information synchronization between different company entities is also arduous, especially doing it safely and confidentially.

Traditional, mostly...

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