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Storing Wealth: Can The US Dollar Survive As A Global Reserve Currency?

Written By Ivan on Tech

May 22, 2020

Being wealthy does not consist merely of owning vast amounts of either "stuff" or of units of value that others feel great desire, or even "FOMO", for. Holding ten thousand tickets to the most popular concert in the world does not constitute wealth. Why is that the case, if these tickets are so desirable and, therefore, are in high demand? Simply because wealth is based on future desirability and future demand too, not only on today's. As a matter of fact, in this simple example, even if receiving these tickets as a gift, who wouldn't go crazy trying to dump them today immediately? Who wouldn't want to move as quickly as possible to another asset different that these tickets, some type of reserve of value that could preserve the present degree of desirability? 

Caring about the value is critically more important than caring about the asset evidently. The asset where one stores value is like the ground where one builds the house of one's dreams. One will want the most solid...

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