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Exploring the Statera Ecosystem & Statera Token (STA)

Written By Ivan on Tech

Feb 15, 2021

The Statera ecosystem has gained recent success and adoption as the interest in the Statera (STA) token has risen steadily over the past few months. Statera makes it easy to invest in an array of digital assets through the use of one simple token. But how does Statera achieve this? Moreover, Statera is working toward becoming the world’s first decentralized deflationary currency, with the potential of bringing sound money policy to any financial asset! So, how is this possible?

In this article, we’re going to explore the utility and diverse range of and qualities the Statera token holds. Also, we’ll cover the different tokens, pools, and portfolio funds available to invest in with Statera tokens, plus the overall pros and cons of using the platform. 

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