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Exploring 21Shares' Polkadot Exchange-Traded Product (ETP)

Written By Ivan on Tech

Feb 08, 2021

On February 4th, 2021, exciting news was announced when a Polkadot exchange-traded product (ETP) was launched on the SIX Swiss Exchange. This was made possible thanks to the fintech company 21Shares AG. This is massive news for the crypto industry and an important step toward even greater cryptocurrency adoption. Having a Polkadot ETP creates opportunities for new people to gain exposure to cryptocurrency through traditional means. Furthermore, substantially increased exposure to a top-performing coin suggests that we may see an influx of new users wanting to invest and trade in other cryptocurrencies. 

In this article, we’ll explore exactly what a Polkadot exchange-traded product (ETP) is and how this may impact the crypto industry. Furthermore, we’ll look at some of the many reasons Polkadot is the latest cryptocurrency to be chosen as an addition to 21Shares' growing crypto ETP collection. 

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Top Polkadot Projects 2021 - Exploring The Polkadot Ecosystem

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 19, 2021

Despite Polkadot launching the Genesis block of its network just last year, the project has since gone from strength to strength. Recently, Polkadot’s native DOT token has surged to establish Polkadot as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. What’s more, the sheer number of Polkadot projects that have already risen to prominence is remarkable. In fact, Polkadot projects are stealing the hearts and minds of crypto enthusiasts by promoting interoperability and innovation within the blockchain industry.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the top Polkadot projects within the Polkadot ecosystem. Also, we’ll look at what makes Polkadot such an attractive building ground for developers, and how Polkadot is stamping out blockchain tribalism, and promoting harmony within the crypto space.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency and want to learn more about how to invest safely and securely, see our Crypto Basics course at Ivan on Tech Academy....

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interoperability polkadot polkastarter pols pols token

What is Polkastarter and the POLS Token?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 03, 2021

Interoperability is becoming an essential feature for new DeFi projects. The idea of being bound to a single blockchain is becoming increasingly rejected as projects look towards a future where DeFi is limitless. Polkastarter is one of the latest projects to be built on Polkadot that is taking the crypto world by storm. The native POLS token has seen incredible price action over recent days, and investors are starting to get excited. But what is Polkastarter?

In this article, we’re going to explore the Polkastarter platform and its various components. Also, we’re going to look at some of the projects that have been launched through Polkastarter and the evolution of this exciting new project!

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are quickly becoming recognized by the mainstream media and the general public as one of the most important innovations of a generation. 

If you’re looking to up-skill or find a new career in an emerging industry, Ivan on Tech...

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DeFi Deep Dive - What is Exeedme and the XED Token?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 02, 2021

You may have heard of the “Exeedme” blockchain-powered gaming tournament platform and the XED token. In short, Exeedme is a blockchain gaming platform that seeks to revolutionize the industry by giving gamers, developers, and organizers a place to monetize their skills. They plan to do this through the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Furthermore, with over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, that means that one out of four people in the world play video games. It also means that the gaming industry is twice the size of the movie and music industry is combined.

That makes for a vast marketplace, but the creators of Exeedme believe many things are still lacking in the space. They want to give gamers a place to exercise a real sense of ownership and earn money when they play. The team has laid out a list of inadequacies with outdated game monetization models. Let’s take a look at some of the problems and how Exeedme hopes to...

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Blockchain Interoperability and Why It Matters For Mass Adoption

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 21, 2020

Certain buzzwords are currently making names for themselves in the cryptosphere. Most notably, these include DeFi, NFTs, and oracles. These could conceivably be among the top trends that may act as catalysts for a potential 2020/2021 bull run. Another buzzword that is making the rounds, although perhaps does not receive as much attention as the previously mentioned terms, is blockchain interoperability.

Interoperability fundamentally refers to a seamless exchange process of transactions or data between blockchains. If you are unsure what this means or if you are interested in finding out how this works - read on!

In this article, we will briefly cover how blockchain technology works, why interoperability is such a crucial part in the next stage of cryptocurrency adoption, and live projects and use cases using protocols with blockchain interoperability.

If this peaks your interest regarding blockchain technology in general, then you’ve come to the right...

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What is Polkadot - Polkadot and DOT Explained

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 10, 2020

Those who keep an eye on the cryptocurrency market will likely recently have become more aware of Polkadot and the DOT token. Polkadot made the news last week, by suddenly jumping into the Top 10 Cryptocurrency list - going by market capitalization - on CoinMarketCap. Polkadot is an ambitious project which seeks to lay the groundwork for a polychain Web3 future. To learn more about what that means and what the Polkadot coin represents, read on! 

Polkadot was created by Gavin Wood in an attempt to design a more evolved version of Ethereum, which would be interoperable with the existing independent, isolated blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. In August 2019, Polkadot launched an experimental and unaudited version of its platform known as “Kusama.” Polkadot will launch its genesis block during 2020 with one relay chain and launch several parachains soon afterward, eventually ramping up to 100 parachains.

So, what exactly is the Polkadot token? Why are people...

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