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Exploring Orchid Crypto - A Decentralized Virtual Private Network

Written By Ivan on Tech

Oct 31, 2020

Internet privacy and security is on more people’s minds than ever, and the increasing digitalization is only making this more obvious. As such, VPNs are more popular than ever. These tools allow users to surf the web privately and more anonymously, without the risk of hackers acquiring sensitive information. Along with the increase in VPN interest, we can also see that the crypto market is rapidly growing. Developers are launching innovations and new applications with blockchain technology at the foundation. The development in these two fields has led to the creation of the Orchid crypto VPN application - a new decentralized VPN developed using blockchain technology. 

Decentralized solutions leveraging blockchain technology are becoming increasingly common. Consequently, Orchid VPN is just the latest in a long line of various decentralized solutions. If you want to learn more about the blockchain field, Ivan on Tech Academy is the obvious choice. Over 20,000 students have...

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