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DeFi Deep Dive - On-Chain Analysis and DeFi

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 17, 2020

So called “on-chain analysis” is an emerging field in crypto, designed to help traders enhance their strategies. By leveraging information found on the public blockchain, on-chain analysts hope to better predict future market moves. These analysts scrutinize blockchain data such as transaction details, block details, and smart contract info to gain valuable insights. 

Transaction details include such things as the sending and receiving addresses and how much was sent. Block details include such items as miner rewards, timestamps, and fees. For smart contracts, on-chain analytics investigates the underlying code that controls the issuance and transfer of tokens. 

If you’re a stock trader, on-chain analysis probably sounds similar to technical analysis (technical analysis). So, let’s take a look at the differences. 

However, if you first want to dive deeper into the details of technical analysis, Ivan on Tech Academy offers an in-depth course...

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