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Holding Cryptocurrencies - What is Hodling?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 06, 2020

Cryptocurrencies are growing bigger and bigger by the day, and it is more popular than ever before to trade in these virtual currencies. The most well-known cryptocurrency out there is Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the trigger that started the cryptocurrency trend, and it is common to associate crypto with Bitcoin. The increase in interest also results in new creative strategies such as, for example, hodling. 

The value of Bitcoin is continually changing, but the increase in value since its inception is quite staggering. In the beginning, a single Bitcoin was worth next to nothing, and at one point in 2017, the value reached almost $20,000. Following this, the value of Bitcoin has continued to hover around levels previously inconceivable.

The value of a Bitcoin was approximately $11,714 in the past week, which means the value has almost halved since 2017. Since this, Bitcoin has taken a minor tumble towards levels below the $11,000 line. However, if we look at Bitcoin's price...

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