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What is Hashing - A Complete Guide to Hashing

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jun 29, 2020

A hash function takes in an input string of any length and gives an output hash of a fixed length. Upon hashing, you get a string of pseudo random alphabets and numbers as an output which will look like this -> 242485AB6BFD3502BCB3442EA2E211687B8E4D89. 

Hash functions are the cornerstone of the blockchain’s architecture. So, if you want to understand the blockchain and cryptocurrencies better, you must have complete clarity on what hashing and is and what it can potentially do. We will also look into various sidenotes such as hashing vs encryption to help us understand the main differences between them.

What are hashing properties?

Let’s look at some of the unique properties and features of these hash functions.

#1 Deterministic

First and foremost, cryptographic hash functions are deterministic in nature. This means that no matter how many times you parse one input through a specific hash function, you will always get the same output. This is extremely...

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