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How Blockchain Is Rebuilding The Global Economy

Written By Ivan on Tech

Oct 29, 2020

The global economic landscape is changing, and this has only been expedited by economic turbulence caused by the recent pandemic. Digital payments have already replaced cash in many countries, and while central banks across the world debate the implication of Central Bank Digital Currencies, it is becoming clear how blockchain is rebuilding the global economy.

In this article, we discuss how blockchain technology is playing a pivotal role in reestablishing the current global financial infrastructure. We’ll also take a look at some of the most exciting use cases for blockchain technology that are helping to redefine how we transact with each other and how we view money.

As followers of the blog will know, we have already discussed COVID-19 and crypto, and the implications of the ongoing pandemic on the cryptocurrency sector. However, on a much larger scale, blockchain technology and crypto can potentially help rebuild the global economy, as the “fourth industrial...

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