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What is Nord Finance and the NORD Token?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Mar 11, 2021

There are hundreds of new decentralized finance (DeFi) applications popping up, with new utility tokens, crypto launchpads, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) among some of the most popular trends in 2021 so far. Nord Finance is focusing on creating additional utility and profitability to stablecoins, a seemingly less exciting form of digital assets compared to their more volatile cryptocurrency counterparts. Nevertheless, stablecoins play a vital role in the cryptocurrency infrastructure and are often a key part of any crypto investment portfolio. The Nord Finance ecosystem and its native NORD token are allowing users to stake, farm, and earn high interest on a range of stablecoins. Moreover, this is achieved by minimizing risk whilst maximizing rewards. 

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the Nord Finance ecosystem and discover the services on offer. Moreover, we’ll discuss the function and utility of the NORD token, and how users can earn over 100%...

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decentralized finance defi instadapp

DeFi Deep Dive - What is Instadapp?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Mar 08, 2021

The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is arguably hotter than ever, and has grown at a tremendous rate in the past year. In fact, the DeFi industry has grown from around $1 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) in March of 2020, to around $38 billion as of today, according to DeFi Pulse. This highlights how the DeFi industry is one of the hottest trends in crypto and how money is pouring into the sector. Not only has the amount of money locked in DeFi projects increased, so has also the number of decentralized applications and solutions. However, the sheer number of various alternatives creates problems for users, as functionality becomes spread out across many different platforms. To make the users’ lives easier, we have been provided with a solution in the form of Instadapp. 

When navigating the regular financial world, users can perform most of the functions from their regular banks. This means that there is one single platform that provides various important...

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binance smart chain cake token decentralized finance defi pancakeswap

DeFi Deep Dive - What is PancakeSwap and the CAKE Token?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Feb 07, 2021

You might be forgiven for thinking that food-themed cryptocurrencies were just a ‘flash in the pan’, so to speak. To an extent, you may have even been correct. The yield farming frenzy during Summer 2020 produced several food-based yield farming protocols and tokens. PancakeSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), powered by the BEP-20 Pancake token (CAKE). The CAKE token is one of several tokens used within the PancakeSwap protocol and made available for token swaps. Similar to Uniswap, PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized application (dApp) that features liquidity pools where users can earn fees from staking, lending, and yield farming.

In this article, we’re going to explore the PancakeSwap platform and the seamless yield farming experience it creates for users. Also, we’re going to look at the CAKE token and the other tokens used with the platform. Furthermore, we’re going...

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decentralized finance defi nfts super token superfarm

DeFi Deep Dive - What is SuperFarm?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 29, 2021

SuperFarm is a decentralized DeFi protocol, complete with a cross-chain platform for NFT farming, and it promotes token utility. That might sound like a mouthful, but don't worry. If you're new to crypto, we'll explain what all of that means. And since we know all about the many decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and protocols out there, we'll also explain what makes SuperFarm different.

But before we do, let's look at the traditional options a crypto speculator has after investing. There are only two when it comes right down to it - sell or hold. And many times, when a speculator gets involved early, the project launches without a product. That means its token has no immediate use case. Because the period between the token sale and product delivery can take a long time, the only option for investors in these situations is to “grind their teeth” and wait it out.

What is SuperFarm?

However, with the introduction of DeFi, there is a third solution besides "sell or...

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cefi cefi vs defi centralized finance decentralized finance defi tradfi traditional finance

Making Sense of Traditional Finance and CeFi vs DeFi

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 13, 2021

Today, more or less everything is digital - and that even includes conventionally analog fields, such as finance. A few decades ago, the traditional finance field looked more or less like it had always done. However, innovations in technology, payment processors, and applications have now made it possible for centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions to offer the same services historically offered within traditional finance. Sometimes it can be challenging to get your head around the differences between CeFi vs DeFi, and how these differ from traditional finance (sometimes known as TradFi). However, fear not - we are here to help explain traditional finance and CeFi vs DeFi!

In this article, we’ve broken down these three common forms of financial infrastructure. Furthermore, we discuss the pros and cons of each while looking at the many crossovers that occur between them. We explore how CeFi vs DeFi applications may not be competing but...

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decentralized finance defi defi attack vectors defi attacks defi hacks defi security flash loans attacks oracle attacks

DeFi Deep Dive - Explaining DeFi Attack Vectors and Prevention

Written By Ivan on Tech

Dec 29, 2020

Ever since the inception of the decentralized finance (DeFi) field, the world has seen massive improvements brought about to rival legacy financial systems. As you will likely already know, DeFi potentially holds the keys to banking the unbanked and truly democratizing finance. Nevertheless, there are still some speed bumps ahead that could slow the mainstream adoption of decentralized finance solutions. While DeFi is making significant advancements, the same old attack vectors keep haunting us. Today we’ll look at the most prominent ones.

If you want to learn more about DeFi, blockchain, and cryptocurrency in general after reading this article, you should definitely consider enrolling in Ivan on Tech Academy. At Ivan on Tech Academy, you’ll join over 30,000 already enrolled students, and you can watch some of the countless real-life success stories brought about by the Academy through testimonials. Supercharge your crypto career by learning from experts in the field by...

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bzx hack decentralized finance decentralized finance hacks defi defi hacks pickle finance hack top defi hacks of 2020

DeFi Deep Dive - Top DeFi Hacks of 2020

Written By Ivan on Tech

Dec 22, 2020

It’s no secret that the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) field has exploded in 2020. The year started with DeFi, claiming approximately $700 million in total value locked (TVL). However, that number has rapidly ballooned to $16 billion, according to DeFi Pulse. Unfortunately, new investors weren’t the only ones attracted by the big numbers. A fair share of hackers has climbed aboard to profit as well. 

With the DeFi industry still in its infancy and founders in a hurry to launch, it’s no surprise that they made some mistakes. However, some of the hacked protocols had gone through proper smart contract security audits and still got hacked. Alas, such are the risks associated with a nascent industry.

DeFi protocols are hardening and becoming more resilient, but 2020 was still a profitable year for hackers. In the first half of the year alone, DeFi hacks amassed over $51 million. Meanwhile, with half of December gone, that number has practically doubled to over $100...

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akropolis decentralized finance defi pickle finance sushiswap yearn finance yearn vaults

DeFi Deep Dive - Yearn Finance's Merger Mania

Written By Ivan on Tech

Dec 11, 2020

Yearn Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) network that offers a suite of different products for insurance, lending aggregation, and yield generation. If you’ve kept an eye on Yearn Finance in the past few weeks, you’ll know that they are in the midst of a merger mania with other DeFi protocols. Yearn Finance’s most notable offering is Yearn Vaults, a yield generation product. Yearn Vaults are robots that automatically move users' funds around to find the best yield farming opportunities in the DeFi marketplace. Each vault has a strategy and a controller responsible for executing it as planned.

We won't dig into Yearn Vaults here, or once-again cover Yearn's founder/developer Andre Cronje in-depth in this article, as we've already discussed these topics before. But, if you need more info on Yearn Finance before digging into their mergers, start with the links in this paragraph. Consequently, if you feel you need some background on the different initiatives and...

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decentralized finance defi defi money market dmg token dmm dmme

DeFi Deep Dive - What is DeFi Money Market and the DMG Token?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Dec 07, 2020

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) can at times be extremely volatile and unstable. For crypto mass adoption to occur, these factors must first be tamed. The DeFi Money Market Protocol and the DMG token aim to solve this problem by bringing trust and stability to the DeFi ecosystem. This is achieved by using real-world, income-generating assets for collateralization. 

This is a first for the blockchain ecosystem. Soon, we could expect this to become the ‘norm’ as more people discover the benefits and ease of using decentralized financial protocols.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the DeFi Money Market (DMM) Protocol and highlight some of the unique and innovative solutions provided by the project. We’ll also explore some of the different DMM tokens, including the DMG token. Furthermore, we’ll look at how the ecosystem operates.

If you want to learn more about DeFi and crypto, make sure you check out some of the crypto courses...

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decentralized finance defi how to earn a passive income with defi passive income passive income with decentralized finance passive income with defi

How to Earn A Passive Income With DeFi

Written By Ivan on Tech

Dec 06, 2020

The cryptocurrency industry, and consequently the decentralized finance space, have evolved beyond what many initially thought possible. What’s more, a growing number of hedge fund managers, institutional investors, and governments have given the green flag for crypto to thrive. With that said, many are yet to realize cryptocurrency and DeFi’s full potential. Although Bitcoin is hitting the headlines, understanding how to make a passive income with DeFi is often seen as a complex, high-risk endeavor. Read on for an easily understood breakdown of how to make a passive income with decentralized finance!

In this article, we look at some of the most important considerations for deciding how to make a passive income with DeFi. Also, we'll explore some of the various methods of generating passive income streams and the projects facilitating the DeFi revolution. As such, we touch on some of the most popular DeFi projects, such as UniSwap, Compound, Balancer and much more.


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