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What is Decred and DCR?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Apr 07, 2021

Decred (DCR) is an autonomous digital currency that has been on a lot of people’s minds all through 2021. The decentralized cryptocurrency has recently seen an uptick in adoption that has spurred a substantial price rally. The Decred blockchain is a variant of the Bitcoin codebase and is, as such, often compared to this premier cryptocurrency. The variety of ways to interact with the Decred Wallet (DCRWallet) means Decred-based transactions are accessible to almost anyone. Moreover, the driving force of Decred is decentralization. As such, the project uses a unique hybrid consensus algorithm, alongside the Politeia platform introduced by Decred in 2018 to help facilitate this. Politeia allows Decred DCR coin holders to vote on updates and proposals to the Decred platform.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the Decred ecosystem, exploring the different applications and use cases for the Decred blockchain. Also, we’ll discuss the background of the project...

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