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The BSI Crypto Trading Indicator - Combining Technical Analysis and On-Chain Analysis

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 11, 2021

All traders are, whether they know it or not, in constant competition with one another. However, short-term investing is not a level playing field. Certain traders gain an unfair advantage through having access to better information than others. When it comes to trading, the old adage ”knowledge is power” still rings true. Although no serious trading tool can guarantee risk-free profits, having access to the most relevant trading information means you can base your trading strategies on accurate trading intelligence and maximize the probability of your strategies succeeding. This is where the Ivan on Tech BSI Indicator comes in.

For decades, Technical Analysis (TA) was seen as one of the best tools for getting a leg up on most other traders in traditional financial markets. With the advent of the cryptocurrency market, so-called ”On-Chain Analysis” - or simply ”blockchain analysis” - gave traders access to blockchain fundamentals that could...

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What is Fundamental Analysis for Cryptocurrency? Analyzing Macro Factors

Written By Ivan on Tech

Nov 12, 2020

Keeping up to date and staying informed in crypto can be exceedingly difficult. Crypto never sleeps, so information is extremely time-sensitive and can come from many different sources you might not expect. Among other techniques, fundamental analysis is key to staying on top of the latest happenings in the crypto space. But what is fundamental analysis for cryptocurrency?

The average crypto trader spends a good portion of their day analyzing charts and patterns, waiting for trading signals, and buying and selling opportunities. Technical analysis is a key tool in observing market behavior in real-time and making judgments based on statistical probabilities. This is a double-edged sword, however, as many crypto investors and traders can become too myopic on the statistics, and fail to see what’s going on outside of the charts.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the broader factors that can have an effect on the sentiment in cryptocurrency markets and explore some of...

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crypto technical analysis technical analysis technical analysis trading what is technical analysis

What is Technical Analysis: Analyzing Market Psychology

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 04, 2020

So, are you looking to learn about trading? If you are new to either traditional trading or crypto, you may have heard of the term 'technical analysis', as it is used by every professional trader and most influencers in the cryptocurrency industry. Technical analysis relates to understanding the various metrics underpinning assets, in order to make more informed trading decisions.

Ivan on Tech Academy has recently released a fresh course, Technical Analysis 101, for anyone new to trading who wants to learn key insights and skills to become confident in trading for the first time.

To celebrate, we have covered a few introductory basics of this Technical Analysis course and answered some common questions around trading. Below, we answer the question “what is technical analysis”, and explain how trading differs from gambling and investing, and a few key factors of technical analysis to consider to give you some foundational knowledge for your future learning.

So, let's...

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