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Exploring The Case for Crypto Investments Over Gold

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jun 23, 2020

Wondering whether to invest in gold vs. doing so in Bitcoin has long been a well-known debate. While the former yellow precious metal has a far greater tenure as a highly secure asset investment, the latter came about back in 2009 and has a very volatile trading history. However, the returns that Bitcoin witnessed in just the past ten years have changed the perception of what can actually be thought of as an asset. 

Is Crypto or Gold the Better Investment?

To preface, the writer of this article is the daughter of a typical Indian mother who looks at gold as a precious and practical investment, especially to make her daughter look more beautiful with a bunch of jewelry on her wedding day. This is also nothing new. Predominantly older generations tend to view gold as an extremely safe asset haven class.

While my mom is a gold advocate, I am a die-hard fan of bitcoin. Well, I love my mom and never go against her decision. Knowing that she asked me to invest in a gold scheme a year...

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