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Exploring The Specifics of Crypto Mass Adoption

Written By Ivan on Tech

Aug 09, 2020

July of 2020 was a pivotal month for the advent of greater cryptocurrency adoption. Several significant announcements in the blockchain space recently point towards increased adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale. However, the type of adoption in question varies in its appeal and has sparked questions about the future of cryptocurrency and the contrast between its roots and the future uses of the technology.

According to a survey released by HSB in January, at least a third of small-medium sized businesses in the United States accept cryptocurrency as payment for services and goods. The report also indicates that newer companies could be up to twice as likely to accept crypto as payment.

There is a definite shift in how cryptocurrencies are perceived by businesses today from how they have been viewed historically, reflecting the number of merchant services that have recently entered the market. Even fast-food giants such as Subway, Burger King,...

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