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Confidence in Crypto - Why Is It Surging?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Oct 04, 2020

As little as a decade ago, you might have been laughed at for bringing up Bitcoin as an asset class you had tremendous confidence in. You might have heard people asking “isn’t crypto a scam?”, dismissing it as something restricted for nefarious activity or cybercrime. In 2020, however, the picture is quite different. In fact, confidence in crypto has never been higher - and a lot of factors suggest it is set to keep rising. Moreover, with trust in traditional financial systems and fiat currencies at a low level, having confidence in crypto is no longer something merely for eccentrics.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how confidence in crypto is currently on the rise, and explore some of the recent blockchain integrations that are boosting market sentiment and bringing awareness to various benefits of blockchain technology.

After all, growing confidence in crypto is vital to greater cryptocurrency adoption. As such, it is clear that surging trust in...

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