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Blockchain in Healthcare: How Blockchain Can Revolutionize The Medical Industry

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 14, 2020

The traditional healthcare field is beset by systemic issues. Specifically, there is a huge lack of data transparency in clinical research worldwide. This opens the door for corruption, fraud, and administration errors to occur. Moreover, the healthcare industry is fragmented and communication between researchers, analysts, patients, and medical professionals could be drastically improved by the use of blockchain technology. 

The use of blockchain in healthcare can help to improve patient outcomes, while also helping to bridge the various entities within the industry, allowing teams across the sector (and the various sub-sectors) to become interoperable in their research and analysis in a trustless, permissionless way.

In the following article, we discuss how the use of blockchain in healthcare can revolutionize the way the industry communicates, and how the many security features of the blockchain can benefit medical institutions, staff, and patients while saving time and...

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