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Blockchain in Fashion - 8 Reasons Blockchain in the Fashion Industry Will Take Off

Written By Ivan on Tech

Oct 23, 2020

The fashion industry, and in particular, luxury brands, were famously late to the party when it came to the rapid growth of e-commerce and internet shopping. However, it appears they may be getting ahead of the game with the introduction of blockchain. So, what is blockchain? And why is blockchain adoption in the fashion industry a good thing?

In this article, we cover the luxury designers to high-street brands with their latest blockchain projects for clothes, shoes, perfume, and accessories. The world is being pushed to more of an e-commerce-centric shopping experience, with more businesses than ever setting up online.

We will explore how blockchain can help increase the efficiency and accounting of every consumer transaction, while also helping with provenance, ownership, and increase the digital shopping experience for both consumers and brands.

Nevertheless, blockchain technology in the fashion industry is just one of the countless examples of how blockchain can supercharge...

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