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Blockchain in Business - Educating Enterprises About Blockchain Technology

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 15, 2020

Although blockchain technology is quickly becoming popular among large international firms, many companies still lack the tools and know-how to implement - or even conceive of - blockchain solutions. However, this is not because the “technology isn’t there yet”. The technology exists and is in use today. Instead, the problem is poor blockchain education in enterprise settings. This article offers tips on using blockchain in business and educating your enterprise regarding blockchain technology.

The clear benefits of blockchain technology for enterprises are becoming too evident to ignore. As a result, hundreds of high-profile, international companies are eagerly adopting blockchain technology. Nevertheless, this poses an interesting question - why are certain companies lagging behind when it comes to blockchain adoption?

Those familiar with Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey will know that the main barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology in large...

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