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Bitcoin vs. Gold vs. Stocks: Complete Comparison of History and the Future

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 30, 2020

To understand the real value and revolutionary properties Bitcoin can bring to the economy, we must first understand the concept and properties of money. If you're researching for your next investment and stumble across Bitcoin vs. gold vs. stocks, this article will help you understand where and how your money moves, allowing you to compose the best investment strategy hard-earned cash.

A Brief History of Money and Currency

Why do we have 'Money'?

Before money was invented, people would transact with one another through the system of bartering. In essence, this a form of negotiating for something you want in exchange for something you already had. For example, "I will give you five apples for your five potatoes."

However, this proved tricky when you only had cows, and you needed to get some apples. "How many apples is a cow worth?" was probably once a legitimate question for a farmer who had to barter with other farmers to eat that night.

Naturally, people began to use 'currency' to...

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