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Blockchain in The Energy Sector - Use Cases

Written By Ivan on Tech

Nov 13, 2020

As the conversation about clean and sustainable energy becomes ever more present, the use cases for blockchain in the energy sector are becoming more compelling than ever. As major energy providers across the globe transition from cheap, unsustainable, coal-based energy production, the increasing demands for efficient cryptocurrency mining present an interesting intersection between the two industries.

Blockchain technology - which is often seen as being nearly synonymous with the advent of Bitcoin - is a revolutionary process of mathematically verifying data and transactions, with increased security and transparency. This technology, although predominantly used in decentralized finance and fintech at the moment, has use cases that spread far and wide across the world, encompassing virtually all global industries. 

Consequently, the energy sector is no different. Blockchain technology has the chance to revolutionize the energy industry as we know it, allowing individuals to pay...

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