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Altcoin Season - Exploring Alt Seasons and Crypto Market Cycles

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 27, 2021

Altcoin Season seems to be upon us - but what is it? As Bitcoin takes a breather, attention is turning to lesser-known cryptocurrencies. Much of the crypto market is still poised, ready to take advantage of a drop in Bitcoin dominance. The cryptocurrency market often revolves around the sentiment towards Bitcoin. However, Altcoin Season, or “Alt Season” as it is commonly referred to, is when investment into cryptocurrency flows more heavily into altcoins than into Bitcoin. Altcoins are often more volatile than Bitcoin, which can be great for the savvy-trader looking to make some tasty gains. However, this volatility can result in a one-way trip to Rekt City for the naive crypto investor. Although navigating the Altcoin Forest can be treacherous at times, it is also one of the most exciting places to be!

In this article, we’re going to explore the broader cryptocurrency space beyond Bitcoin, and the cycles that move the market. Also, we’re going to look at why...

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Exploring Promising Altcoin Projects

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 12, 2021

As the past weeks’ bull market has continued to rage, we’ve seen prices for the two most well-known cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, rocket upwards. However, many believe that the wider altcoin market could very well follow in Bitcoin’s wake. Essentially, the reasoning is that altcoins are lower-priced alternatives with more potential upside. So, when traders believe the price of BTC and ETH has gotten too high, they could instead look for undervalued altcoins. This is why we are taking a look at some promising altcoin projects that have traders talking.

We’ve previously answered the question “what are altcoins” and gone through the main cues you need to know about altcoins in 2021. This article, on the other hand, takes a closer look at some of the more obscure altcoin projects, but which have got cryptocurrency enthusiasts excited.

If you want to learn more about altcoins, you should enroll in Ivan on Tech Academy to get access to some of...

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Exploring Altcoins - Why Should You Care About Altcoins 2021?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jan 09, 2021

Most would agree 2020 was a highly eventful year. Although it was a turbulent year, one gleaming light of 2020, among other dark events, was the astounding performance of the crypto market seen in late 2020. Since the beginning of April last year, the overall cryptocurrency market cap has been growing at an astounding rate. The clearest example of this is the 2020 Bitcoin bull run, as the price of Bitcoin has increased by about 650% in just under a year. This growth has continued during 2021 and is growing by the minute. However, this is not the only coin that has increased astronomically in value; some altcoins in 2021 have seen the same growth level. In fact, some believe altcoins 2021 could be a, if not the, major growth driver in the cryptocurrency market.

Along with Bitcoin, altcoins such as Ethereum are reaching numbers close to the previous Etherum all-time high that we saw nearly three years ago. Furthermore, not only is Etherum growing, but the wider altcoin market as well....

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What Makes an Altcoin Valuable? 11 Key Factors For Big Gains

Written By Ivan on Tech

Aug 02, 2020

Altcoins have been stirring up a lot of noise within the crypto community lately. Alts appear to be setting the scene for this coming bull market, with Bitcoin recently pumping back up to its highest price seen since 2017.

In this article, we're going to explore the different types of altcoins on the market, but more importantly, key factors to help you learn what makes an altcoin valuable, including tips and strategies commonly used to yield high returns on altcoin investments. Firstly, let's start with the basics:

What Is An Altcoin?

Simply put, an altcoin is an umbrella term for any alternative coin to Bitcoin.

You may see or hear coins being referenced by another category name such as tokens, stablecoins, scamcoins, or shitcoins, but fundamentally they are all different types of altcoins.

Why Do We Have Altcoins?

Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency created using blockchain technology. Although the protocol is uniquely valuable, some people thought that Bitcoin was too slow...

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