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Ivan on Tech Academy’s Blockchain 101 Course

Written By Ivan on Tech

Dec 23, 2019

Anyone keeping an eye on the financial industry will know that blockchain has created a tremendous buzz during the past years. However, despite being hotter than ever, blockchain technology is a subject that is still relatively hard to wrap one’s head around.

Learn about blockchain technology with Ivan on Tech Academy

Nevertheless, taking steps to understand blockchain technology can absolutely be worthwhile. Practically every industry is currently looking into blockchain, studying how to best employ this new technology. 

As such, the blockchain field is already creating new and exciting opportunities for new firms, business models and developers. Although blockchain is best known for being the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, its potential implications stretch far beyond the cryptocurrency sector.

Through taking Ivan on Tech Academy’s Blockchain 101 course, you can make sure to get a comprehensive overview of the blockchain technology...

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Ethereum Programming 201: Learn About Everything from Truffle to Ethereum Oracle Development

Written By Ivan on Tech

Dec 15, 2019

Blockchain is more or less on everybody’s lips nowadays. Surveys show that both Fortune 500 companies and governments all over the world want to implement blockchain technology as soon as possible.

Demand for Ethereum programmers will skyrocket in the coming years

As a result, the demand for blockchain developers, and particularly developers proficient in Ethereum programming, is expected to skyrocket. Nevertheless, the demand for Ethereum programmers is already outstripping the supply of competent developers.

Because of this, it is currently a gold rush for Ethereum programmers. Moreover, this will likely become even more obvious in the coming years, as numerous Ethereum-related sectors are projected to continue their strong growth.

One sector in particular that is growing rapidly is the Ethereum ”DeFi” sector. DeFi refers to decentralized financial tools and applications that are built on a blockchain. As such, DeFi is increasingly hailed as creating a new...

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