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Taking A Deep Look at DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 25, 2020

Commonalities And Differences Between Blockchain And Dlt: “Non- Identical Twins” 

Blockchain and Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) are interrelated however they are not completely the same thing. 

Blockchain is a branch of DLT whereby DLT is a subset of a blockchain. For instance - the block explorers associated with Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other blockchain for that matter are live examples of a distributed ledger. 

DLT is a part of blockchain whereas DLT is a specific breed of blockchain technology. They are non- identical twins! 

What Is The Difference Between Blockchain and DLT? 

The above expressions explain why it is so easy for people to make interchangeable and erroneous use of the two terms. Perhaps we could turn to a more eloquent expression to help you draw conclusive distinctions – “DLT is a decentralized database managed by multiple participants, across multiple nodes. Blockchain is a type of DLT where transactions...

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decentralized finance defi defi pulse defi pulse guide pulse

What is DeFi Pulse? The Ultimate DeFi Pulse Guide

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 24, 2020

DeFi Pulse is the world’s leading resource for everything related to DeFi or decentralized finance. We are pretty sure that you are very well-familiar with the term “DeFi” by now. It’s an all-encompassing term for decentralized protocols that deal with a variety of financial services like lending, derivatives, payments, exchange, etc. The lion’s share of these protocols is ETH-based, which is why the rise of DeFi has been a huge Ethereum price growth factor.

With its rise in popularity, the DeFi space has welcomed a barrage of newcomers. This is why websites like DeFi Pulse are so incredibly valuable. Crudely speaking, you can think of DeFi Pulse as the CoinMarketCap of DeFi projects. However, as you will soon find out, it packs quite a punch with the sheer amount of value it gives to its users.

What is DeFi Pulse? An Overview

The moment you enter the website, you will see the following the screen:

Let’s see what all is happening here:

  • First up,...
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curve curve finance decentralized finance defi stablecoins

DeFi Deep Dive - What is Curve Finance?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 23, 2020

Curve is a decentralized exchange (DEX) designed for efficient stablecoin trading. It is like Uniswap in that it uses liquidity pools, it’s non-custodial, and it rewards its liquidity providers. However, because Curve focuses solely on stablecoins, it costs less to use.

Curve vs. Uniswap

Stablecoins are traded directly against each other on Curve. Furthermore, that is one of the most significant differences between it and Uniswap. If you want to trade between a pair of stablecoins on Uniswap, two trades must occur: 

  1. Stablecoin #1 gets traded for Ethereum (ETH). 
  2. ETH gets traded for Stablecoin #2. 

So, as a trader, you will accrue double trading fees. And while Curve has similar benefits as Uniswap for liquidity providers, it’s not subject to the degree of “impermanent loss.” That’s because Curve only trades between stablecoins, whilst Uniswap trades directly against ETH. And ETH’s volatility can wreak havoc on...

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decentralized finance defi defi basics what is defi

DeFi Basics - What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 22, 2020

The finance industry is one of the most important in the world, and many may take it for granted. In fact, some may assume that nearly everyone in the world has a bank account and is connected to a bank. This, however, is a false assumption. In fact, nearly a fourth of the population remains “unbanked” - without access to existing financial infrastructure. According to a recent report from the World Bank Group, approximately 1.7 billion people worldwide still do not have any connection to a bank whatsoever. There is, nevertheless, a light at the end of this tunnel. The solution to this problem? Well, it could well be that of Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi”.  

The fact that one out of four people on the globe still does not have regular access to financial infrastructure is just the most visible manifestation of a larger problem. Specifically, it exposes how customers are essentially at the mercy of financial service providers. Current centralized...

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decentralized finance defi defi innovation innovative defi

Innovative DeFi Projects - What Is DeFi Innovation?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 21, 2020

There is no shortage of innovative DeFi projects in 2020. Far from it, this year appears to be the one where the DeFi sector could be ready for the limelight. However, what DeFi projects are really setting themselves apart - and is it possible to develop socially innovative DeFi solutions? This article explains everything there is to know about decentralized finance and DeFi innovation!

DeFi Innovation

Those keeping an eye on either the field of finance of blockchain technology will have heard about DeFi. DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, is a technology that promises to change the existing financial ecosystem. If this sounds dramatic, it is because it is.

The recent flurry of DeFi innovation has been a long time coming. Relying mainly on the Ethereum network and blockchain-driven smart contracts, the DeFi ecosystem began growing in the shadow of the Bitcoin boom and cryptocurrency craze. Nevertheless, DeFi innovation never got as much attention as the glitzy world of crypto....

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decentralized finance decentralized finance solutions defi defi solutions

DeFi Deep Dive - Why Are DeFi Solutions Necessary?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 20, 2020

Decentralized Finance, more commonly known as DeFi, is one of the hottest areas in the blockchain sector. In fact, some argue the growing interest in DeFi solutions highlights the crypto industry’s increasing maturity.

Cryptocurrencies, which are arguably the most well-known example of blockchain programming technology in use, are already revolutionizing global payments. Through offering reliable, scalable, and - perhaps most importantly - open alternatives to fiat currencies and banks, crypto is gaining traction.

The easiest way to describe the DeFi field is that this aims to do what cryptocurrencies have already done for payments, but for the entire finance industry. As such, DeFi solutions aim to wholly replace the existing financial legacy infrastructure of banks, lenders, insurers, and more.

Instead, DeFi solutions (or “Open Finance”, as some refer to the movement) intends to open up the finance field. Instead of requiring approval from financial legacy...

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comp compound compound finance decentralized finance defi what is compound

What is Compound Finance? A Detailed DeFi Guide

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 19, 2020

Several people in the DeFi space have been asking the same question for the last few months; what is Compound? In essence, Compound is an Ethereum money market protocol, which allows lenders to provide loans and borrowers to take out loans. Moreover, the reason behind Compound’s spectacular rise in popularity is pretty apparent.

For a long time, people thought that Maker’s lead at the top of the DeFi list of projects was unassailable. However, Compound, seemingly out of nowhere, has since taken the lead and now rules the roost when it comes to DeFi. So, in this article, let’s examine what Compound is and what it does. 

Before getting into Compound, however, let’s understand what a DeFi project, or decentralized finance, is. This is especially important seeing as analysts predict that the DeFi space will see huge growth in the coming years.

What is DeFi?

DeFi or “decentralized finance” is an all-encompassing term that refers to the...

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defi exchange infinite fintech hybrid blockchain xinfin

XinFin Explained - Exploring XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 18, 2020

Blockchain technology is rapidly advancing and disrupting today’s business environment. And why wouldn’t it? Blockchains make transactions quicker and reduce the cost. Some data models predict that spending on blockchain solutions will exceed the $16 billion mark by 2023. Now, that is excellent news for all of us into distributed ledger technology (DLT).

One sector that could use help is FinTech. The industry has a predicted growth rate of 25% up to the year 2022. And digital services like PayPal and Jack Dorsey’s CashApp, have empowered people to transact with each other without directly using a bank. 

Yes, FinTech is experiencing rapid growth. But is FinTech anything more than painting lipstick on a pig? After all, it still operates on top of the antiquated infrastructure. This "pig" of legacy systems looks nice and pretty with its digital makeup, but DLT is the future. It’s just a matter of who can get these outdated institutions on board. 


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blockchain hardware wallet blockchain wallet cold wallet crypto hardware wallet crypto wallet hardware wallet ledger nano s ledger nano x

Cold Wallet Storage - What Are Crypto Hardware Wallets?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 17, 2020

Hardware wallets are, hands down, the most convenient and popular wallets in the crypto market today. Blockchain wallet hardware are secure physical devices that store your private keys. The best part is that the wallet stores your coins offline, keeping them completely safe. On the other hand, when needed, you can simply log your wallet into the system and use your coins as required.

In this guide, we will: 

  • Give you an introduction to cryptocurrency wallets. 
  • Compare hardware wallet vs blockchain wallet.
  • Show you some of the more popular hardware wallets out there.
  • Tell you why blockchain hardware wallet should be high on your shopping list. 

What is a blockchain wallet hardware?

In the cryptocurrency world, acquiring a bitcoin wallet will be the first step that you take. Your wallet is like your bank account that stores your private key and your public address. As you may be aware, cryptocurrencies are based on public-key cryptography. Your public and private...

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bitcoin blockchain blockchain programming what is blockchain programming

What is Blockchain Programming - A Blockchain Deep-Dive

Written By Ivan on Tech

Jul 16, 2020

Blockchain technology is still a relatively new technology. However, it has become a widespread phenomenon through the rise of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. But even though it is easy to associate blockchain with Bitcoin, this is far from the only area where this technology can be utilized. Nevertheless, to understand how blockchain can be used in different industries, we first need to understand what blockchain programming is and what problems it solves.

Why Blockchain Programming?

To understand the advent of blockchain programming and blockchain solutions, it is necessary to understand where it comes from. In business, the top priority is to make money. However this can, in some cases, be detrimental to the end-consumer. Greed has become a big part of business in recent years. Moreover, the suppliers of services are taking full advantage of this, charging high fees for essential services.

The people who suffer the most from this greed and exorbitant...

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