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Reasons To Be Excited About Crypto: Are We In A Bitcoin Bull Market?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 23, 2020

If you are a Bitcoin trader, you will likely have heard of the term “Bitcoin bull market”. Put simply, a bull market is the period during which the price of an asset turns sharply upward, following the rough trajectory of a bull’s horns. So, are we in a Bitcoin bull market? Well, we could potentially be gearing up for another big Bitcoin bull run yet, which many are referring to as a potential ‘supercycle’ that could take us to new highs in the crypto markets. Let’s, therefore, look at some of the different factors that could make Bitcoin investors feel bullish.

Big price moves and fluctuations are common in crypto, and it is not unusual to see altcoins doubling in value or dropping by 50% overnight. After all, crypto is not for the faint-hearted.

With so many exciting new announcements and developments in crypto, it could look like we are about to enter the next bull run. Consequently, a lot of attention is drawn to the wealth of...

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crypto crypto sets decentralized finance defi robo sets social sets tokensets what are tokensets yield farming

DeFi Deep Dive - Exploring TokenSets

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 22, 2020

The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector continues to both evolve and amaze and yet another platform worth looking into is that of TokenSets. TokenSets is an asset management platform that automates crypto trading strategies. It provides an interface to create and buy Strategy Enabled Tokens (Set tokens). And each Set token holds a basket of cryptocurrencies whilst also representing a trading strategy.

The TokenSets team set out to create a smart contract system that could time the market for better trade position entries and exits. So, TokenSets helps traders purchase an asset that does the management for them. Moreover, it is non-custodial like other DeFi protocols. Additionally, it is also based on the assumption that the average retail traders do have the time nor the technical know-how to develop and implement these strategies themselves.  

Are you getting interested in the DeFi field? After all, it is one of the hottest developments in the crypto and blockchain field...

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blockchain blockchain interoperability blockchain technology interoperability polkadot polkadot crypto

Blockchain Interoperability and Why It Matters For Mass Adoption

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 21, 2020

Certain buzzwords are currently making names for themselves in the cryptosphere. Most notably, these include DeFi, NFTs, and oracles. These could conceivably be among the top trends that may act as catalysts for a potential 2020/2021 bull run. Another buzzword that is making the rounds, although perhaps does not receive as much attention as the previously mentioned terms, is blockchain interoperability.

Interoperability fundamentally refers to a seamless exchange process of transactions or data between blockchains. If you are unsure what this means or if you are interested in finding out how this works - read on!

In this article, we will briefly cover how blockchain technology works, why interoperability is such a crucial part in the next stage of cryptocurrency adoption, and live projects and use cases using protocols with blockchain interoperability.

If this peaks your interest regarding blockchain technology in general, then you’ve come to the right...

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crypto crypto ratings weiss crypto ratings

What Are Crypto Ratings and Weiss Crypto Ratings?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 20, 2020

Traditional investors tend to look closely at so-called “credit ratings” in order to judge the creditworthiness, or perceived “quality”, of a borrower. Moreover, similar types of ratings are available for most asset classes, with many actors offering ratings for various stocks, companies, or even financial instruments.

Now, with cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly popular as an asset class, people look to crypto for everything from preserving wealth to even believing blockchain technology, decentralized finance and crypto could replace the traditional finance system. Nevertheless, the crypto industry is still somewhat lacking when it comes to tools for rating the different cryptocurrencies and altcoins. 

Granted, one can look at relative market dominance, where Bitcoin is the clear leader followed by Ethereum. However, this only presents a somewhat crude snapshot of the current popularity of different cryptocurrencies. Wouldn’t it instead be...

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bitcoin and banks can crypto kill the banks crypto and banks decentralized finance defi

Banking and Bitcoin - Can Crypto Kill The Banks?

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 19, 2020

As we enter an exciting new paradigm of finance and technology, many traditional institutions are struggling to keep up with the blockchain revolution. What once seemed like a pipe dream - providing financial services to the masses without the need for traditional banks - is now becoming a highly debated topic. As cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and decentralized finance become increasingly popular, a seemingly radical question emerges: can crypto kill the banks? 

If you have been following the Ivan on Tech Academy blog for a while, you will know by now that traditional banks are in a bit of trouble. With multiple bailouts and unprecedented levels of stimulus, the global economy is about to undergo an important change as we move into the digital era. Moreover, blockchain technology could kickstart a paradigm shift in financial services, which threatens to render traditional banks irrelevant.

In this article, we’ll discuss the role of blockchain and cryptocurrency...

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blockchain gaming crypto gaming nfts non-fungible tokens what is blockchain gaming

Blockchain Gaming - Explaining Blockchain and Crypto Gaming

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 18, 2020

Gaming could be one of the biggest industries cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology looks to disrupt. The blockchain gaming industry has been quietly simmering for the past couple of years, following a huge influx of users that congested the Ethereum network in 2017. However, with recent developments, projects, and partnerships, blockchain in gaming is beginning to show signs of making a comeback, appealing to a bigger audience than ever before.

Digital assets, collectibles, and non-fungible tokens have come a long way in recent years, with more complex use cases and higher utility on exciting new platforms.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the tools used to create these digital worlds and explore some of the ways that blockchain is revolutionizing the online experience by bringing decentralization to the gaming industry with the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

If you are looking for even more details relating to blockchain gaming, Ivan on...

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decentralized finance defi on chain analysis crypto on-chain analysis for defi

DeFi Deep Dive - On-Chain Analysis and DeFi

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 17, 2020

So called “on-chain analysis” is an emerging field in crypto, designed to help traders enhance their strategies. By leveraging information found on the public blockchain, on-chain analysts hope to better predict future market moves. These analysts scrutinize blockchain data such as transaction details, block details, and smart contract info to gain valuable insights. 

Transaction details include such things as the sending and receiving addresses and how much was sent. Block details include such items as miner rewards, timestamps, and fees. For smart contracts, on-chain analytics investigates the underlying code that controls the issuance and transfer of tokens. 

If you’re a stock trader, on-chain analysis probably sounds similar to technical analysis (technical analysis). So, let’s take a look at the differences. 

However, if you first want to dive deeper into the details of technical analysis, Ivan on Tech Academy offers an in-depth course...

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bitcoin crypto how to preserve your wealth preserve wealth with crypto will the stock market crash

Could The Stock Market Crash? How To Preserve Your Wealth

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 16, 2020

2020 has been an unprecedented year for the traditional financial markets. Perhaps the most noticeable part of this was when stock indices dropped sharply in March, by roughly 30%, constituting the largest and fastest drop in modern times. Now, following attempts to restart the economy, people are speculating at the imbalance between the stock markets and the U.S. economy on the ground - leading many to wonder ‘is the stock market going to crash again?’ 

In this article, we will look at both sides of the argument - the bullish and bearish factors about the stock markets. We will cover views of what the experts are saying, and different strategies for how to preserve your wealth during a bear market. Anyone keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency market will know that crypto is often seen as a way to preserve your wealth in times of financial turmoil. This article takes a closer look at what constitutes a stock market crash, and how to preserve your wealth in the case...

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blockchain blockchain education in enterprise blockchain in business blockchain in enterprise

Blockchain in Business - Educating Enterprises About Blockchain Technology

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 15, 2020

Although blockchain technology is quickly becoming popular among large international firms, many companies still lack the tools and know-how to implement - or even conceive of - blockchain solutions. However, this is not because the “technology isn’t there yet”. The technology exists and is in use today. Instead, the problem is poor blockchain education in enterprise settings. This article offers tips on using blockchain in business and educating your enterprise regarding blockchain technology.

The clear benefits of blockchain technology for enterprises are becoming too evident to ignore. As a result, hundreds of high-profile, international companies are eagerly adopting blockchain technology. Nevertheless, this poses an interesting question - why are certain companies lagging behind when it comes to blockchain adoption?

Those familiar with Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey will know that the main barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology in large...

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blockchain blockchain healthcare blockchain in healthcare blockchain in medicine healthcare

Blockchain in Healthcare: How Blockchain Can Revolutionize The Medical Industry

Written By Ivan on Tech

Sep 14, 2020

The traditional healthcare field is beset by systemic issues. Specifically, there is a huge lack of data transparency in clinical research worldwide. This opens the door for corruption, fraud, and administration errors to occur. Moreover, the healthcare industry is fragmented and communication between researchers, analysts, patients, and medical professionals could be drastically improved by the use of blockchain technology. 

The use of blockchain in healthcare can help to improve patient outcomes, while also helping to bridge the various entities within the industry, allowing teams across the sector (and the various sub-sectors) to become interoperable in their research and analysis in a trustless, permissionless way.

In the following article, we discuss how the use of blockchain in healthcare can revolutionize the way the industry communicates, and how the many security features of the blockchain can benefit medical institutions, staff, and patients while saving time and...

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