What is Revain and the REV Token?

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September 17, 2021

The Revain crypto review platform is a decentralized review platform operating with blockchain technology. Moreover, the Revain review platform operates a dual-token ecosystem with the native REV token and RVN token. Furthermore, the decentralized review platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to prune out reviews containing scams, swearing, or direct insults. Also, the Revain crypto review platform uses differing weighting mechanisms of the authors and reviews themselves to calculate and present the most popular, honest, and helpful reviews. Additionally, authors can receive crypto rewards when providing useful information, engaging frequently, and supporting the project. The Revain crypto review platform offers scaling infrastructure far beyond the sole use for crypto and blockchain project reviews. The decentralized review platform can be a place for authors to write reviews about any business. 

In this article, we are going to dive deep into the Revain crypto ecosystem. We’ll explore how Revain uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the various statuses, weightage, and levels of influence the author role can undertake. Plus, we’ll discover the utility for both the REV token and RVN token within the Revain crypto ecosystem.

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What is Revain?

Operating on the Bitcoin blockchain, Revain is a decentralized review platform using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. Moreover, the application facilitates a rewards system for honest and regular reviews. Traditional centralized review platforms are vulnerable to manipulation, censorship, spam, strategic bias, and plagiarism. With the Revain crypto review platform, these challenges are no longer a threat to honest businesses. 

Revain Decentralized Review Platform - Reinventing Reviews

Using a dual token system, users receive rewards for honest reviews and participation with the native RVN token. Also, the REV token functions as a utility token, with price volatility operating via the free crypto market. We cover both these tokens later in this article. 

The Revain review platform is offering a decentralized, transparent, and immutable alternative to current, commercialized, and centralized review sites online. Once a review has been published, it cannot be edited or removed. Plus, reviews each have a different ‘weight’ depending on the author’s reputation. This massively aids users’ trust in brands, seeing reliable, honest, and unbiased opinions of a business’ product or service.   

How Does the Revain Crypto Review Platform Work?

The decentralized Revain review platform uses various roles and functions within the ecosystem to ensure a self-sustainable and reliable platform. This includes becoming an “Expert”, offering different levels and rewards for author weighting and karma scores. Plus, Revain uses an Intellectual System to go through all the reviews.  

Blog Revain Crypto Review Platform Mobile and Desktop

There are some restrictions within the code infrastructure to avoid potential abuse of the platform or its features. This includes limits on the number of reviews one can write per day (which is five, with the exception of during a promotional activity or initiative). Also, users can not adjust or remove their reviews. For authors at level 5 or higher, though, users can update their reviews once per month. We will discuss author weighting later. 

Intellectual System

Revain artificial intelligence (AI) technology plays a crucial part within the Intellectual System. Often, when potential buyers are searching for reviews, the content may be outdated and of low quality. It could contain personal details, insults, swearing, spam links, etc.. Moreover, some companies pay for bots to create fake profiles and post fake reviews of a product. 

Blog Revain Crypto AI Review Analysis

This is where the Revain AI Intellectual System comes into play, thoroughly scanning each review. The Intellectual System evaluates, reviews, and categorizes them within set parameters and receives an assessment of the text. The Revain AI Intellectual System scans the text length and content. 

In short, the Revain AI Intellectual System operates on training samples of over two million various online reviews. Each review was manually marked as either “useful” or “useless”. The training sample reviews were chosen from relevant forums, datasets of different fake news (marked as “useless”), and “reviews of various product groups from a big Amazon data set”, also marked as “useless”.

The Revain AI Intellectual System is responsible for the critical role of ensuring validity, honesty, and reliability of product and service reviews. Following analysis and evaluations, reviews are ordered in terms of relevance, author knowledge, and commitment levels. 

Author Weighting

The Revain review platform operates using author weighting to assess one’s level of commitment to the application. Moreover, the author weight can influence other parts of the Revain ecosystem, including the review weight. There are ten levels and eight “statuses” to strive for with author weighting. Each level is in preparation to apply for the top-tier Expert status on the platform. The weightage of an author increases incrementally throughout the first five levels. Then, it doubles on level six. Author’s weightage scores then triple further once achieving level eight, and upon reaching the highest level (10), weightage scores are quadrupled! 

The different levels, weightage, and statuses available to authors also bring with them opportunities or responsibilities. For example, the second level allows authors to comment on other peoples’ reviews and give “likes” and “dislikes”. From the fourth level onwards, authors have the ability to report users who appear to be misusing or violating the platform policies. At the sixth level, authors can go back and adjust their reviews if necessary. Plus, from level seven, users have the opportunity to apply for a discussion with the Revain team. 

Author Status

In combination with the author weighting, authors also receive a status correlating to the amount of interaction with the platform. Statuses are available to display on profiles. However, only one status can be active at any one time. 

Blog Revain Review Platform Author Weighting

The status hierarchy begins with the “Inhabitant” status. This is available to users who have been writing at least one review per week for a month. Then, the next level is the “Enthusiast” status. Users must unlock the “Permanent resident” achievement to achieve the Enthusiast status by writing at least one review per two weeks for at least three months. Following this is the “Resident” status, writing a minimum of one review each month for six months. In turn, this unlocks the “Home, sweet home” achievement. 

The next status users can attain is the “Active follower” status. Also, the “Experienced” status is available from level five, “Stager” status at level eight, and “Cryptomaniac” status at level nine. At this point, users can apply to become a Revain Expert. 

Revain Experts

Revain offers the “Expert” status to frequently active users who write high-quality feedback in reviews and wish to support the platform. Moreover, becoming a Revain Expert brings a lot of additional opportunities for users. Experts have their own personal Expert author card on the Experts page. Also, Experts receive the Expert status badge displaying in their profile and on every review they write. In turn, this makes reviews more influential and can influence the brand’s online reputation.

Blog Revain Expert

Each week, Revain puts forth a “Featured Companies” list chosen by the Revain team. Revain Experts each receive one RVN token as a reward for writing reviews about businesses featuring on the list. Also, Revain Experts receive regular invites for private Expert chats with the Revain team. Experts can help shape the Revain review platform and highlight any drawbacks or challenges users experience with the platform.  

Do you want to become a Revain Expert? To achieve Expert status, authors must be active from at least level nine author weightage and complete an online application. The Revain team reviews applications and updates the Expert status users each month. If Experts become inactive for too long, they will lose the right to this status. 


Authors receive karma as an indicator of how influential their opinion is. The higher an author’s karma, the more respect their reviews receive. Karma includes various user activities within its calculations. This includes the number of likes and dislikes their reviews receive, the amount on their profile and whether an author has any blocked reviews.  

Moreover, authors receive more karma if their reviews or profile receive a like from an author on the “Authors Rating” (ranking the statuses mentioned above and profile levels). For a regular user, authors get one karma per like they receive. Furthermore, authors receive three karma if an author on the Authors Rating gives a like. If authors are interacting with the platform well enough to receive a like from a Revain Expert, authors receive five karma.  

Review Weighting

Alongside authors having their own weight and influence, so too do the reviews themselves. In turn, the weighting of the reviews can influence the overall weighting of a company. The higher the review weighting, the more the review influences the overall weighting. As such, “a review that rates a company as 3 and has a weight of 2 will impact the overall rating the same way as two reviews that rate a company as 3 and have a weight of 1”.

Blog Revain Decentralized Review Platform

There are three main factors that influence the review weight. Firstly is the level of author experience, with higher-level authors having more weight. Secondly is the age of the review. As reviews age, the less relevant they potentially become. Therefore, to counteract this, Revain uses a de-weighting mechanism for reviews. The older the review, the less weightage it has over time. Revain negatively multiplies the weight of the review, with a staggered multiplier reduction over 12 months. 

The third factor influencing the review weight is the popularity of the review. Verified user accounts can adjust the review weight by liking or disliking a review. In turn, the weight of the review either increases or decreases by 1% per engagement. 

Company Rating and Ranking System

There are three calculations Revain uses to present the quality of a company; the company rating, company rank, and company score. 

Blog Revain Crypto Review - Win RVN Token

The company rating is a mean average of all rating scores given by authors in the reviews. Revain offers users the opportunity to search projects by category. These categories are algorithmically ordered. The company’s rank is the index number within the order of the list among other companies within its respective category. Finally, companies also receive their individual company score. The company score is an indicator that reveals the level of interest from users the project is receiving. A higher score can influence a company’s overall ranking. 

REV Token

As the project’s core token, launching in September 2017, the native ERC-20 multi-utility REV token holds key responsibilities. This includes being the main motivator and incentivization for authors and businesses alike to use the Revain review platform. 

blog Revain Rewards - REV Token

Listed across many different crypto exchanges, the REV token (formerly “R-token”) is a volatile asset. The value of the REV token is entirely down to the attitude of the free market and, therefore, may sometimes present price volatility. 

The Revain REV token is also a vehicle to allow users to withdraw RVN tokens, converting to fiat or other cryptocurrencies available across various crypto exchanges. 

RVN Token

The second in the Revain dual-token tokenomics mechanism is the Revain RVN token (RVN). The primary use case for RVN tokens is to reward authors and platform contributors. Moreover, unlike the REV token, RVN maintains a stable price. The value of RVN uses the following calculation: (1 USDC + 1 tUSD + 1 USDT) / 3. Therefore, the RVN token predictably holds a value of around one US dollar.

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Revain Reviews Widget

For businesses wanting to access and display their Revain reviews on their website, the project offers a small widget. The Revain Widget is super easy to install, completely secure, and is available in different sizes. Companies can choose one of eight models of the Revain Widget to seamlessly display genuine feedback and reviews of its service. The Revain review widget is and promises to always be free to use and install. 

blog Revain Crypto Review Widget Example

Exploring the Revain Crypto Review Platform & the REV Token Summary

Revain is a blockchain-based decentralized review platform operating a dual-token rewards system with the native REV token and RVN token. As there is an ever-increasing amount of online shoppers and internet users, review platforms are becoming more and more popular. However, the Revain crypto ecosystem is a next-generation review platform allowing anyone to become a participating author and receive cryptocurrency for sharing their opinion.  

Blog Revain Review Mobile Image

All reviews are immutable, meaning they can not be removed or adjusted. However, Revain allows higher-level authors to adjust their review after a month upon proving commitment to the platform. This is transparently recorded on the blockchain with a copy of the original review infinitely stored. Moreover, Revain is using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the user experience. Further, this increases the reliability and honesty of company reviews and ratings. 

The Revain review platform is designed to accommodate any kind of company review. This being said, during its early phases of development and initiation, Revain is primarily being used to review crypto platforms. As such, the Revain crypto review platform is fast becoming the go-to solution for users to check out the legitimacy and user experience of emerging and reputable crypto platforms

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