What is Coin98 and the C98 Token?

Written by Ivan on Tech

July 26, 2021

Coin98 Finance is an all-in-one solution for decentralized finance (DeFi). Powered by the native C98 token, which was launched via Binance Launchpad, the Coin98 network aggregates liquidity from multiple decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols. The aim of this is to make cross-chain borrowing, lending, token swaps, and yield farming accessible to all. Also, the Coin98 crypto ecosystem boasts various useful features. These include the Coin98 staking facilities, the multi-chain Coin98 Wallet, and Coin98 Labs, an incubator for promising new DeFi projects. Furthermore, the Coin98 crypto platform features a wide range of tools and services that enable users to access multiple blockchains and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols all in one convenient place.

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In this article, we’re going to explore Coin98 Finance and the C98 token. Also, we’ll look at the Coin98 network and its various components, including the Coin98 staking options, the Coin98 Wallet, and Coin98 Labs.

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What is Coin98 Finance?

Coin98 Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) liquidity aggregator and decentralized exchange (DEX) that facilitates frictionless cross-chain token swaps. Plus, with the use of the native C98 token and Coin98 staking, the Coin98 ecosystem is a one-stop-shop for interoperable DeFi lending, borrowing, and yield farming. 

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The ecosystem consists of a diverse range of DeFi products and services. Not only does the project aggregate liquidity from multiple sources, but it also offers a crypto incubator service to bootstrap up-and-coming DeFi projects. 

Furthermore, the Coin98 ecosystem supports over 20 different blockchains and aggregates liquidity from some of the most well-known DeFi protocols. Plus, thanks to the Coin98 staking facilities, users can earn a yield by locking up tokens. Also, the platform provides a wealth of analysis and educational resources. Plus, the platform reduces slippage and optimizes gas fees by using different routing for transactions via multiple liquidity sources. Moreover, with a diverse suite of cross-chain liquidity services, the project aims to make DeFi more accessible for everyone.

The Coin98 Crypto Ecosystem

The Coin98 network consists of many different elements. With several partnerships and integrations, the ecosystem brings together some of the biggest names in decentralized finance (DeFi). However, there are three main arms at the heart of the project. These are Coin98 Ventures, Coin98 Labs, and Coin98 Media. Moreover, each arm is responsible for the continued sustainable growth and development of the project.

Coin98 Ventures

Coin98 Ventures is an accelerator and incubator designed to empower up-and-coming decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. As the venture arm of the Coin98 network, Coin98 Ventures helps to bootstrap innovative DeFi projects across multiple blockchains by investing in decentralized applications (dApps) and DeFi protocols built on Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polkadot.

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This involves financing projects, providing industry connections and resources, and supporting promising blockchain companies in their early stages of development. Moreover, the venture wing aims to accelerate the growth and adoption of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space by helping projects get their products to market quickly.

Coin98 Labs

Coin98 Labs was established to “fulfill untapped demand and enhance in-demand utilities in the DeFi space”. This is accomplished by building a diverse ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) products and decentralized applications (dApps) across multiple blockchains. Below are some of the prominent products to come out of Coin98 Labs.

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Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet and the flagship product of Coin98 Labs. It can be used to store, send, and receive digital assets across several different blockchains. Also, Coin98 Wallet serves as a versatile DeFi gateway, facilitating a seamless user experience for users of all levels.

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To get the most out of the platform, you’ll first need to download Coin98 Wallet. Conveniently, the Coin98 Wallet is available to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Chrome, Android, and TestFlight. 

Coin98 Exchange

Coin98 Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol that gathers liquidity from multiple sources. This facilitates instant, secure token swaps with efficient order routing and low slippage. Also, the decentralized exchange enables users to borrow, lend, and stake tokens across different platforms.

Space Gate

Space Gate is an innovative cross-chain bridge protocol that facilitates the transfer of value across more than 20 blockchains and layer 2 solutions via the Coin98 crypto ecosystem. Also, Space Gate enables users of the network to access multiple blockchains, DeFi platforms, and decentralized exchange protocols. This includes Avalanche, Uniswap, SushiSwap, Elrond, Fantom, PancakeSwap, and Polygon.

By promoting strategic partnerships across a broad cross-section of the crypto industry, Space Gate enables the project to harness the power of some of the most widely-used DeFi platforms and services. Resultantly, Space Gate brings together many of the top cross-chain liquidity providers and services to galvanize the network and promote interoperability.

Coin98 Media

Coin98 Media is the platform’s in-house crypto network that connects various communities and industry partners. Plus, the network provides a range of media resources and learning tools to equip the blockchain community with the knowledge to navigate the DeFi landscape.

Also, the project’s media network is responsible for community engagement initiatives such as content creation contests. Furthermore, as the project matures, we can expect to see further utility brought forward by the media arm to help the platform continue to achieve high levels of interoperability.

The C98 Token

The native C98 token is the utility token of the Coin98 ecosystem. The C98 token is available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Solana, and serves five main functions.

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Platform Service Fees

When using the decentralized exchange (DEX), participants are required to pay a small fee for each transaction they make. This fee is paid using the native C98 token.

Coin98 Staking

Users of the Coin98 crypto ecosystem are incentivized to become liquidity providers using Coin98 staking options to lock up a variety of digital assets into automated market maker (AMM) pools. By providing liquidity, or participating in liquidity mining across the various Coin98 staking options, users can earn a passive income by locking up funds and receiving C98 tokens in return.


Also, the C98 token will be used for community governance. Holders of the C98 token will be able to vote on governance proposals that can determine the future of the platform. By participating in the platform’s governance model, users can commit C98 tokens to vote on new features and changes to various protocol parameters throughout the Coin98 crypto network.

Unique Rights

Holders of the C98 token are arranged into a tiered system that provides access to exclusive privileges and premium events. This includes airdrops, priority for token sales and launchpad events, and marketing events with strategic partners. Tiers are sorted according to the amount of C98 tokens held. Moreover, participants who hold more C98 tokens are placed in a higher tier, and subsequently, gain access to more privileges and greater rewards.

Product Development & Growth

Furthermore, the C98 token will be used to create a “self-sustainable, closed-loop economy” through the collection of network fees which are redistributed as incentives for the project community and platform contributors. Plus, a portion of these fees is also set aside for the future development of products and the growth of the Coin98 crypto network.

C98 Token Distribution

Below is a breakdown of the C98 token distribution.

Blog Coin98 Token Distribution
  • Binance Launchpad Sale – 5% of the total token supply
  • Seed Sale – 5% of the total token supply
  • Strategic Sale 15% of the total token supply
  • Team – 20% of the total token supply
  • Advisors – 2% of the total token supply
  • Treasury – 12% of the total token supply
  • Ecosystem Growth – 21% of the total token supply
  • Community Development – 20% of the total token supply

The C98 token price began at $0.25 during the seed sale. Following the Binance Launchpad token sale in July 2021, the C98 token has seen upward price momentum. With a starting price of $0.75 during the Binance Launchpad sale, the C98 token jumped up the ranks after more than a 100% price increase, reaching a high above $2.00. At the time of writing, the C98 token is trading at around $1.70, with a market cap of approximately $300 million according to CoinGecko.

Coin98 Network

Coin98 Network is an information hub that provides a wealth of information and resources. Moreover, Coin98 Insights provides regular updates, news, and research covering various elements of the expansive blockchain industry. Also, the network provides market overviews using data-driven visualizations to aid informed decision-making for DeFi and crypto trading. Furthermore, the network provides technical analysis, industry insights, and crypto news.

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Coin98 Terminal

The Coin98 Terminal allows users to send tokens to multiple addresses using the MultiSend function. Also, the platform’s Token Issuer makes it quick and easy to create custom tokens on multiple blockchains. 

Tokens can be issued in several formats. This includes Ethereum ERC-20, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20, Huobi ECO Chain HRC-20, TRON TRC-20, and Solana SPL token standards. Plus, the Coin98 terminal enables users to create their own token logos and provides a token burning facility.

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Coin98 Finance Summary

In summary, the Coin98 ecosystem is a DeFi hub that brings together many of the top decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols to provide a gateway to deep cross-chain liquidity. Also, with a broad range of DeFi tools and services, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of borrowing, lending, and liquidity protocols. 

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Further, thanks to Coin98 Labs, the platform is bootstrapping exciting new projects and providing resources to expedite the mass adoption of DeFi and cryptocurrency. Moreover, the project’s website is a hub for all things DeFi. Users can take advantage of Coin98 staking facilities, and aggregate liquidity from multiple sources. Plus, with the use of Coin98 Wallet, users can make cross-chain token transfers easily, without friction.

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