What is Brave and the BAT Token?

Written by Ivan on Tech

June 23, 2021

Brave Software offers a free open-source web browser that takes the online browsing experience to the next level. Further, Brave browser allows users to earn a passive income with the native Basic Attention Token (BAT) by using the web browser and spending time looking at personalized, user-controlled Brave Ads. Also, Brave browser features an in-built Brave Wallet where BAT tokens are deposited. Brave even offers users secure private browsing using a proxy of the Tor browser. Moreover, the Brave ecosystem is rapidly expanding with the increasing adoption of the native BAT token. 

In this article, we’re going to explore the Brave web browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Also, we’ll look at the various features of the Brave web browser, including Brave Today, Brave Ads, and the role of the BAT token and the Brave Wallet.

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What is Brave Browser?

Developed by Brave Software, Inc., Brave browser is a free, open-source web browser. Inspired by the Chromium web browser, the Brave web browser is highly focused on online privacy. As such, Brave automatically blocks adverts and website trackers. Powered by the native Basic Attention Token (BAT), users of the Brave web browser earn BAT token rewards simply by going about their usual browsing habits. BAT token rewards can be increased by opting to watch advertisements. 

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Furthermore, Brave claims to be up to three times faster than Google Chrome. Available for PC, Mac, and mobile, the Brave browser is a fast, secure web browser that pays users just for using the internet! Moreover, Brave prevents online surveillance and loads content much faster than most browsers. Plus, the Brave browser argues it uses up to 35% less battery than other browsers!

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

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Whereas traditional web browsers require users to pay attention to unwanted adverts, Brave pays users to browse and watch curated adverts using the native ERC-20 Basic Attention Token (BAT). Rather than relinquishing your data to multiple third-party advertisers without consent, Brave keeps your browsing habits secure, while paying you for your attention. Not only does this make for a refreshingly private browsing experience, but it can be a great way to earn a passive income with crypto too!

How Does the Brave Web Browser Work?

The Brave web browser aims to give users control over their data and privacy online. Rather than your data being sold to the highest bidder and used without your knowledge or consent, Brave matches adverts and news feeds to users’ interests without personal information leaving the browser.

Furthermore, Brave Shields prevent website trackers and adverts from collecting user data without their knowledge. This helps to maintain privacy when browsing, while many websites seek to collect as many data points about consumers as possible. Resultantly, this allows for a much faster online experience, uninterrupted by adverts. Plus, when using the Brave browser on mobile or desktop, major news sites load up to six times faster than many competitors.

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Moreover, Brave’s private search is powered by Tor. This means that your location is obfuscated as well as your browsing history. This is achieved by routing users’ browsing through multiple servers before arriving at any website. Using the Tor private window, users can browse with anonymity thanks to encrypted connections and anti-surveillance technologies.

Brave Rewards

Brave Rewards enables users to earn BAT token rewards for watching privacy-preserving adverts. Users can select the volume and frequency of adverts they want to see. The more adverts you watch, the more BAT tokens you earn! Plus, Brave Rewards can be used to tip your favorite content creators, or you can just hodl them! In the future, users will also be able to spend BAT tokens on premium content and gifts!

Blog Brave Rewards

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Brave Wallet

The Brave web browser also features a built-in crypto wallet. Once per month, Brave rewards are distributed to users via Brave Wallet. Brave Wallet tallies up the attention users pay while browsing, and distributes Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards accordingly. Using Brave Wallet, users can then tip their favorite content creators directly, or through social media platforms such as Twitter. Brave Wallet can be funded either by a range of different cryptocurrencies or by earning BAT tokens through viewing ads and using the Brave web browser.

Blog Brave Basic Attention Token Wallet

Content creators can use the Uphold wallet to convert any BAT tokens received from supporters into various other cryptocurrencies. BAT tokens are automatically deposited into creators’ wallets and available to withdraw, trade, or hodl.

Brave Ads

Enabled by default, Brave Ads allow users to earn BAT tokens every time they view an advert. Furthermore, Brave Ads keep users’ personal data private and anonymous. No data is collected from users by Brave Ads and user information is never sold on to third-party marketers.

Blog Brave Browser Ads

Moreover, Brave Ads are highly customizable. Users can select how often they would like to see adverts, or turn them off completely. Brave Ads can appear as system notifications, and also as sponsored images when opening a new tab. Users earn 70% of all advert revenue generated from Brave Ads, accumulating more BAT tokens each time an advert is viewed. Any BAT token rewards earned by watching adverts can then be gifted to a content creator, or saved and converted into other types of cryptocurrency.

Brave Shields

The Brave web browser offers users a Shield panel in which they can choose and configure a variety of browsing ‘Shields’. Shields makes it more difficult for websites to track users’ browsing history and habits. Moreover, Brave browser uses Shields to automatically upgrade browsing to a more secure connection when available. Brave Shields blocks most trackers, adverts, and cookies. 

Blog Brave Shields

The highest level of browsing protection can be introduced through configuration within the Shields panel. Users can specify certain websites, code, or languages to block using Brave Shields. However, this may cause a few issues with some websites. Brave offers users the chance to view and individually remove Brave Shields for a particular site. 

You can find individual statistics of a particular site with Brave Shields by clicking the Brave Shields lion logo on the right-hand side of the URL bar at the top of the page. Here, you will see a drop-down menu (where you can remove the Shield if desired) and the number of trackers and ads blocked, connections upgraded to HTTPS, number of scripts, and cross-site cookies blocked from the website you are currently visiting. 

When opening a new window or tab with Brave, you can see a breakdown of Brave Shields statistics on the landing page. You can see the number of trackers and ads blocked from your total browsing history – they soon add up! Also, users can view the amount of bandwidth saved by using the Brave browser. Further, users see the number of minutes saved in browsing time compared to an average of other competing browsers. 

Brave Today 

Another recent feature of the landing page is Brave Today. Brave Today is an algorithmic news feed created by Brave that includes discounts with Amazon Prime, The Great Courses Plus, Do Fasting, and even Samsung TVs. Discount offers vary depending upon the limited time promotional offer periods. Brave Today features top trending news stories and personalized stories chosen for users based on browsing preferences.Blog Brave Today

Brave Today uses a novel algorithm devised by Brave which fetches RSS feeds anonymously using a dedicated private content delivery network (CDN). Content within a user’s feed is collected from their browser, without any detail of their browser being identified or traced. The algorithm specifically incorporates several attributes to make content interesting to users completely anonymously. Not even Brave knows what content has been pulled through or engaged with on a user’s feed. Neither is it possible for Brave to know the sources which a user has enabled or disabled.

Tor Browser Proxy

The Brave web browser enables users to browse using a private window through a proxy of the private Tor browser. Although this does not use most of the advanced privacy features included in the Tor browser, it does allow users to connect to websites privately by connecting to three different computers within the volunteer-run Tor network before connecting to the destination website. When browsing using a private Tor window with Brave, connections remain private. Only one of the three computers in the chain knows where your connection originates, and one where it is truly destined. Furthermore, none of the computers in the chain can communicate this information, even if they wanted to!

Blog Brave Browser VPN Tor

However, using the Tor window can slow down browsing speeds. This is because the data you transmit online is passed through several parties before reaching its intended destination. Also, when using the Private Tor window with Brave, you’re frequently prompted to prove that you’re a human more often than usual!

Brave IPFS Integration

Brave also features integration with the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The Brave IPFS integration allows users to browse freely, without worrying about censorship from external influences. Currently available only through the Brave desktop web browser, users can access content from IPFS either through a direct ipfs:// gateway or by installing a full IPFS node. Content available through IPFS offers an enhanced browsing experience with increased offline availability. 

Blog Brave IPFS Integration

However, this is only the beginning. Brave Software is actively working on further developments implementing IPFS within Brave. This includes support in mobile browsers, website publishing, and facilitating context menus for pinning content.

Brave Search

Previously said to be coming soon and now live, Brave Software, Inc. is currently working on its new independent search engine, Brave Search. Brave Search uses and improves on Brave’s privacy features for web browsing. The search engine will be integrated into the Brave web browser offering the first independent search engine/private browser multi-platform as an alternative to big tech providers.  

Blog Brave Search

Brave Search will eventually incorporate private ads alongside ad-free and ad-supported search options. The platform is using an independent search index ensuring full transparency, privacy, and user-first functionalities. Also, Brave Search will be available for use in other browsers as a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Brave Browser & Basic Attention Token (BAT) Summary

Brave browser is designed as a user-first private web browsing experience. Additionally, Brave browser offers users the ability to earn a passive income with crypto. Users receive Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for using this alternative browser and giving their attention to user-controlled adverts. Brave is giving users back control of their data, whilst being rewarded for their time and engagement.  

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Furthermore, Brave incorporates several elements to ensure that users of Brave browser have the ultimate browsing experience. This includes IPFS features, an in-built crypto wallet, and a secure personalized news feed. Plus, Brave offers private browsing options using the private Tor browser. Also, with the anticipated launch of Brave Search and continuous development of utility and adoption of the Basic Attention Token (BAT), Brave appears to have a solid foundation within the crypto industry

Carlos, a graduate of Ivan on Tech Academy, now works as Head of Sales at Brave! Before joining the Academy, he was a high school teacher with no previous experience in cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Like hundreds of other students, Carlos became employed full-time in the blockchain industry after studying for just a few months at Ivan on Tech Academy. You too can do the same!

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