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The Definitive Guide to Choosing an Online Blockchain School

Written By Ivan on Tech

May 20, 2020

There is a veritable plethora of different online academies and blockchain schools that offer blockchain courses. This guide breaks down everything from ”what is an online blockchain school” to why they are needed, and some of the top picks. Read on to learn more about blockchain courses - what are you waiting for?

Blockchain School Demand

Online learning has never been more important. The outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is responsible for shifting much of traditional education online. As such, millions of students around the world are realizing that online academies often provide even better learning tools than their own high schools, colleges and universities.

This is because online academies have already perfected the art of e-learning and online education. The past months have seen online academies surge in popularity. However, there is one particular type of online learning that is now facing a perfect storm of beneficial circumstances: online blockchain schools.

Blockchain school demand was through the roof even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The past few years have seen interest in blockchain technology virtually explode. Just five years ago, many companies were wholly unaware of what blockchain even was. 

Today, numerous legacy companies such as IBM, Unilever, Walmart, British Airways, Visa, Ford, Siemens, DHL, and many, many more scramble to adopt and integrate blockchain technology into their operations. In fact, so many companies are looking to hire blockchain developers that the wages are exploding.

LinkedIn ranks blockchain as the ”Number 1 High-Paying Hard Skill in 2020”. Moreover, a recent CNBC report states that ”salaries for blockchain engineer are skyrocketing”, and that they are on equal footing with Artificial Intelligence experts. In fact, the average blockchain developer salary in 2020 is clearly over $100,000.

Data from the San Francisco recruitment company ”Hired” suggests that the average blockchain developer salary is somewhere between $150,000 and $175,000. As such, it is easy to understand why blockchain school demand is surging. It has never been easier to learn more about blockchain online - and it has also never been as lucrative.

High School with Blockchain Courses

Nevertheless, it can be hard to find a nearby blockchain school for many. What’s more, it can be especially hard to find a good blockchain course for high school students by solely looking at high schools near you. However, there is no need to fret! In fact, the solution is right under your nose. Attending a good blockchain course for high school students does not actually require you to attend it at a high school.

Instead, you can leverage the same tools that professionals who work in blockchain did to become successful. Online blockchain schools are exploding in popularity right now. As the blockchain field keeps getting hotter, there is a substantial deficit of skilled blockchain developers. Put simply, high school blockchain courses and university blockchain programs are in too short supply to successfully educate enough blockchain developers.

Image Source: Hacker Noon

This creates a substantial imbalance, with ballooning demand for blockchain engineers and supply being unable to keep up. If you are not one of the lucky few to attend a high school with blockchain courses, things can seem bleak. However, attending an online blockchain academy is even better than enlisting at a high school with blockchain courses.

For example, Ivan on Tech Academy offers numerous blockchain courses for all ages. Best of all, no prior knowledge is necessary in order to start learning about blockchain and blockchain programming. Even if you happen to go to a school with blockchain courses, Ivan on Tech Academy offers courses with real-world success stories.

Although a high school education with blockchain courses could go a long way towards preparing you for eventual work in the blockchain sector, it is not the ultimate answer. The simple truth is that few professional blockchain companies will give much credence to high school blockchain courses education.

Supercharge Your Blockchain Skills with An Online Academy

However, you can supercharge your blockchain learning through enrolling in the Ivan on Tech Academy. Many of the cutting-edge companies in places such as Silicon Valley are increasingly looking towards other traits than merely a cookie-cutter college education. Instead of just having a fancy school name on a paper, they want students to actually master what they want to hire them for.

Blockchain is the perfect example of this. Having gone to a university, college or even high school with blockchain courses doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the fundamentals. At the same time, you can land a top-position job working with blockchain technology without even having studied it at high school or university at all.

Do you need proof? Well, just consider the real-world success stories that continue to come out of Ivan on Tech Academy. For instance, one student - Giovanni - went on to become the Head of Blockchain at Ericsson after enrolling in the academy. 

Similarly, another student - Peto - was hired by IBM after studying Ethereum Programming using Ivan on Tech Academy. Yet another Ivan on Tech Academy alumnus - Juliana - was able to get a full-time job as a Blockchain Developer after attending the academy - with no previous programming experience.

Even if you are not going to choose Ivan on Tech Academy, it is still a good idea to examine the various options for other digital blockchain academies. For example, Blockchain Training Alliance 

Blockchain Summer School 2020

Back in 2019, the European Union’s European Blockchain Center (EBC) held a 2019 Blockchain Summer School. This initiative was an effort to boost students’ understanding of blockchain technology and build a foundation for tomorrow’s highly skilled blockchain workforce.

The 2019 Blockchain Summer School was not a one-off event. Instead, it was the fourth European Blockchain Summer School and was the most ambitious one yet. As such, the question of whether there will be a Blockchain Summer School 2020 is calling. On the one hand, a 2020 Blockchain Summer School seems like a foregone conclusion.

The 2019 Blockchain Summer School was the most successful edition of the summer school yet. What’s more, the Blockchain Summer School was an annual occurrence in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. As such, it initially seems odd that 2020 would be any different. However, 2020 is not shaping up to be a normal year.

The ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc with any notions of ”normal”, and there are currently no clear indicators whether there will even be a Blockchain Summer School 2020. If it even takes place, it will be hugely unlikely that it will be a physical event - rather, it would be more suited to an online course format.

Nevertheless, disruptions to traditional means of education don’t mean that the appetite for blockchain developers is waning. Rather, blockchain companies are still looking to expand their operations. In fact, even traditional companies are shifting towards blockchain. Specifically, blockchain is pumping new life into old-school companies like IBM and Visa through greater competition.

Why Ivan on Tech Academy for Blockchain Summer School 2020?

As such, those who manage to study blockchain during the summer of 2020 will likely have a substantial advantage over those who do not. What’s more, seeing many traditional universities and colleges struggle with adjusting to the new post-COVID-19 landscape means there has never been as good a time to try an online blockchain school. The go-to choice for this should naturally be Ivan on Tech Academy.

Using Ivan on Tech Academy means that you are employing a tried and tested strategy for learning more about blockchain. First and foremost, the Ivan on Tech Academy is the brainchild of the crypto and blockchain educational YouTuber Ivan on Tech. Ivan on Tech has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and has a loyal following on the platform.

However, some of the explanations and content are too specific for the YouTube format. Moreover, they would likely get lost in the general noise. As such, Ivan on Tech brought his educational concept to a dedicated site - Ivan on Tech Academy. Since starting, Ivan on Tech Academy has grown to one of the largest online blockchain schools in the world.

Moreover, there is a wealth of available courses to take that cover everything from blockchain to Ethereum to smart contracts and back. Consequently, there is truly something for everyone on Ivan on Tech Academy. Perhaps even more importantly, Ivan on Tech Academy is a perfect choice for a blockchain summer school 2020.

Through being an online platform, Ivan on Tech Academy is immune to any COVID-19 disruptions in classes. Furthermore, you can attend courses when it suits you - so you can tailor your summer school around your other activities. This means that you can both attend summer school and learn about blockchain, while at the same time enjoying the summer.  

Ethereum Blockchain School

Blockchain technology could not be hotter, and one area in particular is heating up: Ethereum programming. Although many who think about blockchain automatically think about Bitcoin, this can be somewhat misleading. In fact, Ethereum is responsible for opening up the blockchain landscape through offering the first programmable blockchain.

Finding an Ethereum blockchain school can also be challenging. If few universities and colleges teach their students about blockchain and Bitcoin, even fewer have courses on Ethereum and the Ethereum blockchain. With that said, however, anyone looking to become a successful blockchain supporter should make sure they have a solid understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 tokens.

The Ivan on Tech Academy Ethereum 101 course offers everything students need to know in order to prepare themselves for working with Ethereum. The curriculum consists of 10 rich hours of contents, containing exams, assignments and offers a final certification. In fact, there are few places where students can find a more extensive Ethereum blockchain school.

Moreover, this Ethereum 101 course prepares students for further exploits in the Ethereum programming world. Ivan on Tech Academy can follow students throughout their journey, with content that suits them as they progress. For example, the Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101 course is an excellent course to follow up with.

After this, students might want to learn about Ethereum Smart Contract Security or Ethereum Game Programming. If not, it is possible that they want to learn something completely different relating to the blockchain field, in order to diversify their knowledge of the different aspects of blockchain technology.

No matter what, Ivan on Tech Academy is the ultimate Ethereum blockchain school. Moreover, it has thousands of satisfied alumni that could attest to the effectiveness of the courses. Attend a world-leading Ethereum blockchain school today!

Advantages of a Blockchain School Online

There are many distinct advantages to attending a blockchain school online. Perhaps most notably, blockchain is still a relatively new subject which is changing all the time. As such, textbooks cannot keep up with the pace of innovation, let alone the pace of adoption. This means that an online blockchain school is the only effective solution for achieving a competitive blockchain education.

In addition to this, an online education offers students flexibility. We all value freedom of choice, and being able to schedule certain tasks at different times. This means it is entirely possible to both work and study at a blockchain school online at the same time.

Furthermore, an online blockchain school can also be substantially cheaper than a traditional school. Especially for students from the US or other countries with high tuition rates, attending a blockchain school becomes an extremely competitive alternative from an economic standpoint. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on something you can learn better in a blockchain school online?

In addition to this, attending an online blockchain academy such as Ivan on Tech Academy also means you will be able to get access to top expertise. This means that you will be able to get feedback on your homework or progress. Having tutors that truly understand blockchain technology is a major advantage over attending a traditional school.

Online Blockchain Schools: Conclusion

Online blockchain schools seem to be here to stay, and it is easy to see why. Interest in blockchain technology has never been greater, and it is not just blockchain firms that are joining in on this blockchain developer hiring spree. Seeing as blockchain is pumping new life into old-school companies like IBM and Visa, even legacy firms are hungry for blockchain talent.

As such, digital blockchain school certifications are rapidly becoming the gold standard for competent blockchain developers. Ivan on Tech Academy is one of the best bets to get a solid blockchain education without having to enroll in a costly and time-consuming traditional university. Take a look and find the right course for you!

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