Blockchain Game Developer

Learn how to use some of the most popular frameworks to build your own games with the incorporation of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Unity Basics
  • Unity Game Items
  • Unity C# Scripting
  • ERC Token Standards
  • Crypto Collectibles
  • Enjin Basics
  • Crypto Game Integrations
  • Enjin In-Game Assets
  • Enjin Identities
  • Enjin SDK & Wallet


These are the courses you will be taking in this track. Once you are finished you can move on to any of our other tracks.

Ethereum Game Programming

With benefits for both companies and players, tokenized games and assets are making it’s way into everyday gaming. This course is for everyone who wants to be a part of this new and exciting industry. You will learn how to build your own decentralized game on Ethereum and working with the latest NFT standards for games and collectibles.

Unity Game Programming

This course teaches you the basics of the worlds largest game programming framework. With a simple drag and drop interface combined with advanced scripting functionality you can create your first games in no time.

Enjin Blockchain Game Programming

Some of the largest success stories in crypto have been Blockchain Games, games that combine the fun and competitive aspects of a game with crypto economics.

Now you have the chance to learn how to create your own crypto game, using Enjin and Unity.


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