Bitcoin Monetary Revolution - History of Money & Bitcoin

Bitcoin is replacing fiat currencies and this course will make you understand why the world is going through a monetary revolution.


Why you should enroll

In order to understand the future of money, it’s necessary to understand the history of money. In this course we’ll answer what money is, the functions it fulfills and how that’s changed over time. We’ll explore how we went from using shells to gold to paper, and now, to Bitcoin. 

This is a non-technical, introductory level course and suitable for those without prior knowledge of economics, finance or monetary history. 

If you are interested in learning about these topics in-depth we highly recommend The Bitcoin Standard Book by Saifedean Ammous. We admire his work and he inspired us to teach about the history of money.


This course consists of approximately 5 hours of content including video lessons, assigned readings and homework activities.

A Brief History of Money

  1. Barter Exchange
  2. Primitive Monies
  3. Monetary Metals 
  4. Reading: The Great Debasement
  5. Gresham’s Law
  6. Paper Banknotes 
  7. Fiat Money 
  8. Digital Fiat Money
  9. Activity: Barter Transactions
  10. Optional Reading: A Brief History of Salt

What is Money?

  1. Money as a Language
  2. Store of Value
  3. Medium of Exchange
  4. Unit of Account
  5. Sound Money & Time Preference
  6. Reading: Wealth is What You Don’t Spend
  7. Activity: Time Preference
  8. Optional Podcast: Time Preference w/ Saifedean

Gold as a Money

  1. Why Gold? 
  2. Reading: Why Gold is Money
  3. Salability
  4. Scarcity
  5. Neutrality
  6. Activity: Gold Reserves

Government Money

  1. Gold backed
  2. The Fiat Era
  3. Central Banks 
  4. Reading: SWIFT End to US Payments Dominance
  5. Reserve Currencies
  6. Money Supply
  7. Interest Rates
  8. Malinvestments
  9. Reading: Cashing In 
  10. Activity: Malinvestment Research 
  11. Optional Podcast: Austrian Monetary Economics

Bitcoin as a Money

  1. Monetary Properties 
  2. Store of Value
  3. Medium of Exchange
  4. Unit of Account
  5. Reading: Gradually, Then Suddenly
  6. Proof of Work
  7. Monetary Policy
  8. Difficulty Adjustment
  9. Reading: The Bitcoin Central Bank
  10. Neutrality
  11. Optional Reading: Bitcoin is a Platypus
  12. Activity: Memes

Course Wrap Up



Your instructor

Anil Patel holds an MBA, a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) designation and was part of MIT’s inaugural Fintech Innovation certificate program. He has guest-lectured at business schools, presented at blockconferences and been published in Hackernoon.

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