Bitcoin Programming

Learn how to program on the worlds largest and most popular blockchain. After this track you will be able to write your own bitcoin scripts and create applications on the Lightning Network.
  • Bitcoin Datastructures
  • Stack Programming
  • Bitcoin Scripting
  • Bitcoin Dev Tools
  • Timelocks & Multisig Tx's
  • Bitcoin Vulnerabilities
  • Bitcoin Attack Surfaces
  • Lightning Network
  • Lightning Security 
  • Lightning Apps


These are the courses you will be taking in this track. Once you are finished you can move on to any of our other tracks.

Bitcoin Programming 101

We will start by learning about all the different tools you need to interact and build with bitcoin. Then we will look at stacks and stack based programming languages. We will look at how you can script your own, custom bitcoin transactions and how you can build timelocks, multisig transaction and much much more. 

Bitcoin Attacks

This course will teach you all about the different attack vectors that the Bitcoin Network might be vulnerable to. You will learn both how an attacker might potentially execute an attack, how the network protects against the attack and what the probability of someone executing the different attacks is.

Lightning Network Programming

In this course we will learn what lightning is, how it works on a detailed level and how you can build applications using the lightning network. This course will give you everything you need in order to stay on the cutting edge of innovation in crypto.


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