Learn Blockchain to Become a Successful Consultant or Investor, Join The Top 1% of Earners

...And NO, You Don't Have to be an Expert, Have a Business, or Have
Any Experience...

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Blockchain is the biggest technological breakthrough since the Internet

Think about it for a moment.

How much personal and monetary success would have been at your feet if you were at the technological frontier at the dawn of the Internet?

Would you have founded companies such as Amazon or AirBnB?

Would you have been an early investor in revolutionary platforms such as YouTube or Twitter?

Would you have consulted companies or small business for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Truly groundbreaking technological transformations like the Internet or blockchain usually occurs every 50-100 years.

However, this time...

You are at the right place, at the right time

Whether your goal is to:

  • Build a multi-million dollar company

  • Enjoy financial freedom as a highly paid consultant

  • Kick back on a beach and live on your investments

The Ivan On Tech Academy is the most efficient and proven method
out there

What does the Ivan On Tech Academy offer?

  • Hundreds of hours of video content in 36(!!) different courses tailored to your interests and goals

  • We teach you blockchain, all the hottest digital currencies, blockchain for business, trading, algorithmic trading, technical analysis, game programming and much MUCH more

  • Exclusive forum with hundreds of active members daily for you to connect with, get help from and build business with

  • Earn rewards and compete with our achievement and leaderboard system

  • We give you the technical skills you need to be a confident blockchain expert

  • We teach you how blockchain will change the world of finance forever and what you need to do to dominate the industry

  • And most importantly: we show you how to turn this knowledge into a career...

The Academy uses proven methods, is
easy to get started with, and gives you
FAST results

So who am I?

Ivan "On Tech" Liljeqvist:

  • Founder of Ivan On Tech Youtube channel which has surpassed well over 400 000 subscribers

  • International speaker, I've travelled around the world to speak at leading conferences and to world leaders

  • Engineer and software developer, forged at Sweden's most renowned tech university

  • Data scientist by trade, this is my passion
Today, when I'm not producing content for my Youtube channel or the Ivan On Tech Academy; I travel the world consulting and educating some of the largest corporations and governments in the world.

Inside the Ivan On Tech Academy I literally share all my secrets and knowledge that took years to come by...


The Academy is now open again to accept new members, spots are limited

Let's look at the results..

The Academy Has Helped Countless of People Around The World


Meet Giovanni

After enrolling in the Academy, Giovanni changed his career path and became Head of Blockchain at Ericsson.

Meet Ivan

Ivan was working in a coffee shop before started in the Academy. After taking our courses for 6 months, he landed a job as an Ethereum Developer.

Meet Sebastian

After enrolling in the Academy, Sebastian could build his first prototype of WordProof.io and received €1,000,000 from the EU by winning "Blockchains for Social Good"

Meet Carlos

Carlos changed his career path from High School Teacher to Director of Sales at Brave Software after joining the Academy.

Meet Kevin

Kevin went full time crypto as a 23 year old who had never programmed before. He describes the Academy as life changing for him.

Meet Juliana

Juliana had no programming experience. After the Academy, she landed a full time job as a Blockchain Developer.

Most importantly...

"You've Gotta Be Crazy"

100% guarantee that you'll love the Academy

If you're not satisfied with the program, I will give you all
your money back


This guarantee lasts for 2 entire weeks

You can literally reach out after 13 days and 23 hours and you will still get a full refund!

You might be wondering, why am I so confident in the result of my Academy that I'm willing to make such a guarantee?

There are a few reasons...

  • I've seen my students time and time again go from zero to making high earning incomes with this program

  • I've been running this successful program for over 2 years with tens of thousand of students

  • I have personally used the exact same steps to build my income

  • Because I don't make all my income from teaching others how to make their own income. I actually run real businesses online. So it doesn't hurt me if you don't like it.

So this is a 100% risk free purchase


Here is why...

I won't be offering this deal forever

Normally I charge companies tens of thousands of dollars for this knowledge
But if this page is still here, then the offer remains on the table. But I want you to know that I might pull it
down at any time.

Sounds OK?

See you in the Academy

Thanks, Ivan on Tech

The Academy is STACKED with
value, check it out:

36 + Courses Covering Blockchain & The Biggest
Digital Currencies
We literally cover everything you need to know, from
basic fundamentals to advanced levels
Business & Finance Courses $497
Blockchain Business Masterclass
DeFi 101
Fintech 101
Baseline Protocol and Unibright
U.S. Taxation Course
Trading Courses $497
Algorithmic Trading & Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis 101
Blockchain Programming Courses $497
Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101
Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201
Ethereum Dapp Programming
Other Programming Courses $497
Javascript Programming for Blockchain Developers
C++ Programming for Blockchain Developers
React React Web Development 101
EOS Courses $297
EOS Programming 101
EOS Programming 201
Blockchain Game Programming Courses $297
Unity Blockchain Game Development 101
Enjin Blockchain Development 101
Live Q&A's
Personal Study Counselor
1-on-1 Programming Support
World Class Certification
TOTAL $4,576




Access to 6 Entry Level Courses

Members-Only Community of Blockchain Experts

Monthly Updates of Course Materials

Graduation Cerification

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Access to 6 Entry Level Courses

Access to 30+ Premium Courses

Members-Only Community of Blockchain Experts

Monthly Updates of Course Materials

Graduation Certification

1-on-1 Programming Support

Career Guide & Interview Preparation

Programming Projects

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee 100% No Questions Asked




Access to 6 Entry Level Courses

Access to 30+ Premium Courses

Members-Only Community of Blockchain Experts

Monthly Updates of Course Materials

Graduation Certification

1-on-1 Programming Support

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee 100% No Questions Asked

Programming Projects

Personal Career Advice by Industry Experts

Personalised Study Plan

Personal Student Counselor

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